Surprise OnePlus Watch Will Disrupt Apple, Samsung

OnePlus has not-so-subtly revealed that the company’s first smartwatch is on the way. This isn’t OnePlus’ first crack at the wearable whip, it reportedly had a watch prototype developed in 2015 – early in the firm’s existence – but it ultimately decided against a release. 

The important question is: what will the new device mean for major smartwatch rivals like Apple and Samsung? Quite a lot.

Google’s Pixel 5 has just landed, but is it any good? Watch my review here.

Before OnePlus released its wireless buds, I wrote about how the company’s focus on smart connectivity between its devices would be the key selling point. Buy a OnePlus device and be rewarded with ecosystem-specific exclusives: like the ultra low-latency mode the Buds automatically switch to when gaming on a OnePlus phone. 

A Fast Company interview with OnePlus CEO

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OnePlus Surprise Announcement Hints That New Wearable Is Almost Here

OnePlus has had a busy year, following the OnePlus 8 with the dreamy-but-affordable OnePlus Nord and the dazzling OnePlus 8T. But now, it seems, the company has moved its focus to a product that’s been in development for years and may actually be almost here: the OnePlus Watch.

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A smartwatch from the company makes sense as it has said before it wants to make one.

But on Thursday, October 14, just hours after the launch of the OnePlus 8T, the Twitter account of OnePlus India tweeted that the ecosystem was expanding.

Need to know what was being talked about? All was revealed in the next sentence: “It’s just a matter of time”.

Well, that’s pretty clear. But

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Apple’s Surprise iPhone 12 Pro Upgrade Suddenly Changes The Game

Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro has a game-changing feature which no other device in the world can offer.

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Speaking at the company’s October 13 “Hi, Speed” event, Greg Joswiak, Apple SVP, Worldwide Marketing, introduced several new ‘Pro’ camera features coming exclusively to the iPhone 12 range. Perhaps the most exciting among these is the news that Apple’s new flagships will be able to shoot, edit and share video in Dolby Vision HDR.

This is an incredible achievement for Apple as, according to Joswiak, the iPhone 12 models are the only devices in the world that can do this. 

Compared to the standard dynamic range recordings achievable with most cameras, Dolby Vision allows for the display of a far wider range of bright and dark shades

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