Tiki-torch Molotov cocktails and a ‘Syrian Hell Cannon’: Ordnance Lab blows up the internet

Scene: A black mailbox perches on a metal post 10 yards away from us in in the middle of a pastoral Hill County tableau. The Texas sky spreads overhead like an endless blue circus canopy.

Suddenly, a blast and curtain of white smoke. The mailbox launches out of the frame, finally crashing into the dirt a good five seconds later.

Our host, Sean Lindley, appears in the frame. A young Jim Carrey lookalike, he’s wearing a flak jacket, wrap-around shades and giant grin. “Apparently, the felonious ones of y’all were out there making unregistered destructive devices as children and blowing up mailboxes,” he says. “So we did that. And it was actually rather impressive.”

But you know what would be more impressive? A pipe bomb!

In quick succession, mailboxes are obliterated by a pipe bomb, an M26 fragmentation grenade and a stick of dynamite. The final blast is a

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