Election Night 2032: What it could look like if we’re not careful about reining in technology’s reach

Cyrus Krohn.

Editor’s note: This guest post is tied to the release of Bombarded, a new book by Cyrus Krohn, a former Microsoft, Yahoo, and Cheezburger executive who co-founded Seattle startup Element Data. 

Guest Commentary: If the digital political landscape during Election 2020 gives you the creeps, imagine an election a few years — and presidents — from now where hackable digital tech, unmanaged media, and micro-targeted marketing have rampaged forward without brakes or scruples. While 2032 seems a distant future, Moore’s Law is already delivering on the risks ahead.

In Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises,” Mike Campbell is asked how he went bankrupt. He replies, famously: “Two ways. Gradually and then suddenly.” The collapse of the information environment in the U.S. is proceeding along similar lines, as domestic partisan tribes and international influences such as Russia, Iran, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) weaponize the web.


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