Computer Game Tester Job Tips – Is There a Need for Game Testers?

Computer game tester jobs can be rewarding and lucrative but very rarely is a prospect informed of the ‘dark side’ or the unsexy side. It’s always gift wrapped and sold as:

• Earn $100 dollars by playing video games a couple of hours per day

• No qualifications needed

• If you’re great at playing video games, get paid for doing what you love

• You set your own hours

• You never have to worry about your bills again

The list goes on but I’ll stop there. There is probably some truth to some of the above points but what marketers fail to tell you is the ‘real,’ ‘the dark,’ or the ‘unsexy’ side of the job. It’s not all glamorous as they would have you believe. In fact, the mere fact it’s called a job should be a big clue.

Game tester jobs are easy portals through which … Read More

The P’s and Q’s of a Software Tester


Broadly speaking, a software tester should have two kinds of skills one is how to perform at his work and another is how to approach work. First one is about technical skill and the second one is about soft skill. For a software tester these two skills are compliment to each other. Only technical skill makes one how to touch the goal but the combination of technical skills and soft skill makes one how to succeed and exceed expectations.

Other qualities of a tester are positive attitude, patience, discipline etc and most importantly to have good relationship with developers. Sometime a tester may get bad response from developers when he gets a bug and produces it in front of developers because in this world no one prefers his mistakes to be pointed out. Particularly in this type of situation a tester should show his patient and cordial nature. A … Read More

The Best Software Tester in the World?

Attention to detail

If you ask ten testers to each test something, you will typically see a varied amount of defects detected. This will still be the case if all of the testers had exactly the same experience and testing knowledge. This is quite often down to how focused the tester is when looking at something (attention to detail). While at first glance something may look good, but on closer inspection, defects can be seen. Attention to detail is what makes a great tester stand out from a good tester.


During the day-to-day tasks a software tester has, there will invariably come a time when the tester needs to converse with others, more often than not with software developers. When speaking to a developer about a bug they found, the tester must always bear in mind, that they are essentially finding fault in that developer’s work. Diplomacy skills are … Read More