The 25 fastest-growing DTC brands in Q3 per digital traffic

  • SimilarWeb, which provides global digital traffic insights about websites and apps, has released its report of the 25 fastest growing direct-to-consumer brands for Q3.
  • The data ranks the 25 highest performing DTC brands in terms of quarter-over-quarter monthly traffic growth, from Q2 to Q3.
  • The fastest-growing DTC companies in Q3 diverged categorically from those represented in the list for Q2. Categories like electronics and health and wellness especially stood out this quarter. 
  • From Away to Ruggable, here are the top performers.
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As online shopping continues to boom, brands with a strong digital presence are in a position to succeed.

SimilarWeb, which provides global digital traffic insights about websites and apps, has identified the 25 fastest-growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce brands in the US for Q3. The quarterly report follows similar reports for Q1 and Q2.

Among the 25 brands included in the new report,

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Learn How to Grow Your Site Traffic With SEO for Just $15

As small businesses in the U.S. face challenging times, now is the time to optimize your marketing strategy. Yes, it may cost money, but reaching new customers helps ensure you’re getting the business you need to survive. Rather than investing heavily in paid sources, consider leaning into Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

a person using a laptop computer

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SEO uses search engine algorithms to rank your webpages higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Don’t know what that means? You’ll learn in the Complete SEO Training 2020 + The Ultimate SEO Course.


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This 10-hour course teaches you everything you need to know about SEO to make your business stand out online. Abdul Wali teaches the course. He’s a professional blogger, web developer, and SEO marketer who makes his living from his living room, utilizing SEO and other digital marketing concepts.

Here, you’ll cover everything from keyword research to link building to technical

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iBASIS Releases Upgraded Anti-Fraud Platform Backed by Industry’s First SLA-based System to Protect Operators’ Traffic Streams

  • Operators and digital players reduce fraud burden by hundreds of millions of dollars collectively each year by leveraging iBASIS solution

  • Maximum anti-fraud impact leveraging scale and reach of iBASIS on behalf of both retail subscribers and wholesale traffic partners

  • Massive protection from IRSF, Wangiri, and PBX hacking and bypass with complete control over operator’s inbound retail traffic

  • Enhanced detection technologies including real-time blocking and in-depth monitoring capabilities guarantee service performance with committed SLAs

iBASIS, the leading provider of communications solutions for operators and digital players worldwide, today announced completion of its anti-fraud system upgrade – the first ever anti-fraud system to offer a guaranteed SLA protection option powered by next-generation anti-fraud intelligence for fraud detection, deterrence, and ROI for communications providers across the digital ecosystem.

Every year, telecommunications carriers lose billions of dollars to international voice fraud schemes such as IRSF, Bypass, and Wangiri. In less than 14 months, iBASIS

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Facebook Stymied Traffic to Left-Leaning News Outlets: Report

Illustration for article titled With Zucks Blessing, Facebook Quietly Stymied Traffic to Left-Leaning News Outlets: Report

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

When Facebook tweaked its newsfeed algorithm in 2017 to reduce the visibility of political news, the company’s engineers intentionally designed the system to disproportionately impact left-leaning outlets, effectively choking off their traffic in the process.

According to a Wall Street Journal report this week, Facebook bigwigs at the time were concerned about how these changes would affect right-leaning news outlets and wanted to avoid adding fuel to critics’ argument that the platform has an anti-conservative bias. However, in its attempt to appear unbiased, the company evidently overcorrected (which it has a history of doing). Facebook’s engineers overhauled the update to affect left-leaning sites more than previously planned, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself OK’d the redesign, sources told the Journal. The changes weren’t aimed at any particular outlet, the company later said.

“We did not make changes with the intent of impacting

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How to Use Predictive SEO to Create New Content That Drives Traffic

Content marketers have a difficult job strategizing, planning, creating, and distributing content. Not every piece of content they publish will capture the top spot on a search engine results page.

This may happen due to the overwhelming amount of content available on the internet today. However, you can still reach the top spots on search engines by strategizing carefully using predictive search engine optimization (SEO).

You must be ahead of the rest of your competitors to capture your audience’s attention, and predictive SEO can help you do just that. Let’s find out what predictive SEO entails and how it can be an asset to your SEO strategy.

What Is Predictive SEO?

Predictive SEO is the process of using predictive analytics tools to help you find search anomalies that identify opportunities for you to outrank your competitors. These tools help you to forecast changes in content, rankings, and other metadata so

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15 Ways to Generate FREE Traffic to Your Website

Getting free traffic to your website is a very easy thing to do for your business.

Sometimes it can be a mysterious thing that is hard to understand without the knowledge. In this article you will learn some of the best ways to get traffic to your website.

You want traffic and you want it right now! You have to learn what the best marketing tips are first.

It does not take a long time but you need to be consistent in your efforts. You can begin to grow your traffic now.

There are many ways to drive traffic for free, Here are the Best:

#1. YouTube

Video Marketing is one of the best free ways to get free traffic to your website.

There are billions of views on YouTube and it is free and easy to create an account and upload your videos. You can tap into this huge … Read More

Buying Traffic To A Website: Things To Look For!

I wouldn’t say that buying traffic to a website requires skills, but I would say it takes some knowledge on what works and what doesn’t. Trial and error is not the best way to approach this important part of Internet marketing.

What we will talk about in this article are things you can look for when buying traffic to your website!

Is The Traffic Targeted?

To me this is the most important thing to consider first. There are various levels of website traffic depending on where you are buying it from, and how much money are willing to spend.

However, regardless of that the traffic must be targeted to your specific niche and your specific offer. Targeted traffic means that these are people who are looking for what you are selling.

In my niche, make money online, I am specifically targeting people who are looking for ways to make money … Read More

7 Effective Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

An online business needs traffic to succeed, Traffic is the main bloodstream of an online business. If a website does not get a flow of traffic, it will surely fail to make any sales and the online business will fail. It is therefore, important to take some steps to drive sufficient traffic to online business website.

You can buy customized traffic to your website on any budget, this unique article suggests all the essential ways so that you can drive more effective and targeted traffic to your website.

1. Visitors want always fresh, unique and useful content on a website. Usually visitors visit a website for information and sometimes buy stuffs if they need it. You should have high quality and unique content on your website. When visitors find interesting and useful content on your website, they will surely spend more time on your website, bookmark your website and also … Read More

Viral Website Traffic Is The Answer to Online Success

Every marketer worth their salt knows that assembling a big list of subscribers is necessary to grow your online business, but this can be a huge challenge. First you have to create the landing pages so you can collect names and email addresses. Logically, the next step is to set up an automatic emailing system and do you’re very best to drive consistent, quality traffic to the landing page. And that’s where it starts to become very labor intensive if you’re aiming for free traffic, or very expensive if you are going with paid traffic.

Marketers all over the globe, in every country, are struggling to build a responsive list with the old, outdated methods and tools that are available. In reality, many of these tools and “primitive methods” haven’t worked in years. The problem is, as I see it, that you never hear about the super-cool advancements that have … Read More

Efficient SEO Tips for Better Website Traffic

Have a specific niche

Your niche is what makes your business. What is your niche under a particular category? For example, if you’re dealing with real estate business, your niche could be on traditional rental or short lets. Same thing applies to any category you choose to use. Discover your niche. After that, use keywords and phrases related to that particular niche. Add tags of relevant keywords to your site and watch as it gets higher rankings on Google.

Engaging content

The content of your site/blog is helping people understand some of your services. And hence, content shouldn’t be underestimated. Write top-notch, engaging content for your audience and they will come around eventually. Don’t forget to include keywords into your content, add tags and split your articles into different categories so they’re easier to locate. And do not forget that the misuse of keywords in an article could have a … Read More