Children’s Trust launches website to assist South Carolina parents

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) – Children’s Trust of South Carolina has launched a website,, that will provide statewide resources for families searching for local services and supports.

a man sitting on a table: Children’s Trust launches website to assist South Carolina parents

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Children’s Trust launches website to assist South Carolina parents

Parents and caregivers will be able to enter their ZIP Code into the search bar and receive an array of free and reduced-cost assistance in their communities, including parenting services, food, housing, financial and legal help, and health services.

“For so many parents and caregivers, the difficulty of navigating support systems can be frustrating and far too time-consuming, which can leave them feeling helpless and hopeless, especially during these uncertain times,” Children’s Trust Chief Communications Officer Bett Williams said. “Now more than ever, we need to make it as easy as possible for families to connect with help in their communities.”

The website is powered by a national

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How Agencies Can Build Trust

Step 1: Get to Know Each Other & Clarify Expectations

Part of building a good working relationship from the start has to do with clarifying expectations. Getting the internal and external teams together is a first step in creating a context where both the agency and the client can ask their questions and obtain alignment.

You probably have quite a lot of information from the sales process, but this is a great moment to review the client profile and add new data to it.

So think about a kick-off call with everyone involved – the client representatives, the account representative, maybe the Head of Client Service, the agency CEO, the SEO strategist, content writer, etc.

Decide on the roles based on their direct involvement with the audit, strategy, and the following SEO campaign and its specific.

Large meetings can sometimes mean that not everyone gets to have their voices heard,

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