Google shutting down Trusted Contacts, directs users to Google Maps

  • Google removed Trusted Contacts, its location-sharing app designed for emergencies, from the App Store on Sunday.
  • Anyone who has already downloaded it can continue using it until December 1, it said in an email to users.
  • It said that location sharing was now built into Google Maps.
  • But Trusted Contacts also lets your family and friends see your location if you cannot respond in an emergency — Google Maps does not.
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Google is removing its emergency location-sharing app Trusted Contacts in December, and is directing users to Google Maps instead.

Trusted Contacts, which Google launched in 2016, shares users’ location with select family and friends.

Location sharing has since been built directly into Google Maps, the company said in an email to users on Sunday.

However, as The Verge points out, Google Maps requires you to actively broadcast your location, whereas Trusted Contacts

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Google pulls the plug on its Trusted Contacts app

A few years ago Google built and briefly maintained its Trusted Contacts app on iOS and Android. It was pitched as a way to quickly and securely share your location with close friends or family members so they could remotely keep an eye on you, or even find your location in an emergency. Now Android Police points out it’s the latest Google project to hit the scrap heap.

graphical user interface, application: Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts

The app is no longer available via Google Play or the App Store, and its website indicates support will end entirely as of December 1st. That puts it in the company of Google Latitude and Google+ Location Sharing, two other projects that filled similar purposes and are also no longer with us.

In the years since, Google shifted location sharing features into Google Maps which is probably good from an overall privacy and access control standpoint, as it’s routinely updated.

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