QAnon, Facebook and the unreal culture of the internet

Greetings, earthlings. I’m Carolina A. Miranda, staff writer at the Los Angeles Times, and this week I come to you with lots of essential culture news and a whole lot of hammer:

Our digital morass

On Wednesday, the German ambassador to the United States, Emily Haber, posted an image of the philosopher and theorist Hannah Arendt to Twitter, noting that one of Arendt’s many legacies was recognizing that “totalitarianism can flourish where people systematically refuse to engage with reality, and are ready to replace reason with ideology and outright fiction.”

It read like a massive subtweet of U.S. society, which as of late has slid — or leapt? — straight into a pool of digital disinformation and unreality. We do, after all, have a president who has praised the fictions of QAnon (“these are people that love our country”) and recently various social media companies have changed the

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