You Won’t Have to Upgrade Mophie’s New Battery Pack When You Change Phones

It doesn’t matter what mobile device you use, battery life is always limited and always a struggle. Mophie’s Juice Packs, which strap an additional battery to the back of your smartphone using a form-fitting case, dramatically expand battery life, but have also always been device-specific. Its new Juice Pack Connect, however, can work with any mobile device that supports wireless charging.

If you’re the type who upgrades your smartphone every release cycle, Mophie’s Juice Packs have always been a tough sell, because any minor changes in the size or shape of your new device means you can no longer use it and will have to upgrade to a new case as well. With the Juice Pack Connect, instead of a form-fitting case, the external battery attaches to a flat clip that’s either adhered directly to the back of a smartphone, or a protective case if you’re anxious about sticking

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Four Reasons To Upgrade Your Fleet Management Solution

Managing a fleet isn’t easy, whether you have a large-scale operation or are managing a small or mid-size fleet. It used to be that real-time location tracking was the gold standard. Now it’s the baseline. In order to stay competitive, businesses that have a fleet must now consider additional technology to assist in managing driver safety, fleet performance, operational and fuel efficiency and compliance to name a few.

According to a study by Aberdeen (“Safety, Operational Excellence and the Changing Expectations of Service Fleet”), the following are the top concerns and priorities for fleet managers:

·      Driver Safety – 21%

·      Fuel Efficiency – 19%

·      Compliance – 18%

·      Efficiency Data – 18%

·      Real-Time Activity Visibility – 18%

The good news is that there are fleet management solutions available to provide simple and cost-effective options to address all of the above. Fleet management technology continues to improve,

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Upgrade and enhance your VR experiences with these gadgets

Best Htc Vive Accessories Lead image 1

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Best Htc Vive Accessories Lead image 1

(Pocket-lint) – There’s no denying that virtual reality gaming is a whole world of fun. There also aren’t many VR experiences better than those available on the HTC Vive, Vive Cosmos and Vive Pro.

The HTC Vive, whichever model you have, is an impressive bit of kit, for sure. That’s not to say, though, that it’s impossible to improve it with some judiciously picked upgrades, attachments and accessories. 

We’ve been hunting down the very best bits of kit for you to buy to make your VR gaming all the more enjoyable. 

  • Best HTC Vive Cosmos, Vive and Vive Pro games: Incredible experiences to play right now

Leap Motion hand tracking

  • Advanced hand and finger tracking for VR
  • Fast-accuracy, low-latency VR control
  • Replaces conventional controllers 

The Leap Motion tracking device was launched a few years back and promised Minority Report

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Friday Fry Up: NZ’s halo effect on software, SamKnows due for an upgrade, Parenting online

NZ’s halo effect on software

Being from New Zealand is a good thing. Especially if you develop software. That’s according to the organisation Buy NZ Made, which have launched the NZ Code trademark. Normally, you would expect the stylised kiwi symbol to appear on real-world items like Merino wool jumpers. But it has now made the leap to the virtual world.

Buy NZ Made executive director Ryan Jennings says that New Zealand has “shown what’s possible with a science-and-technology-first approach to COVID-19, and the world has taken notice. Now is the time to follow that up and prove we code software that solves business problems globally and have it received credibly.” (Fingers crossed that Greenhithe situation doesn’t amount to anything.)

Seeing an NZ Code logo displayed by a software service company could improve consumers’ confidence in using local software service, improve clarity on what consumer data protection applies, and be

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Top 6 gadgets to upgrade your car

Cars today come packed with all kinds of advanced technology. It’s no wonder those of us with older cars feel left out. Fortunately, car accessories can fill in the gaps and give you access to all kinds of handy new features.

If you’re ready to outfit your car with some fun, modern conveniences, here’s our top picks for the coolest gadgets you can buy. Get ready to start your engines!

While we’re talking cars, think about that sinking feeling when the check engine light comes on. Unexpected repairs can cost you a boatload. That’s where Kim’s sponsor, CarShield, comes in. Keep reading to find out more about protection that could save you thousands of dollars.

1. Play your own music through the radio

In addition to standard radio, modern cars are able to play music from your phone thanks to technology like Bluetooth. But you don’t need to upgrade your

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Innovative Payment Solutions Inc. Announces Software Upgrade for its Self-Service Kiosks Amid COVID-19

Northridge, California, Oct. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Innovative Payment Solutions, Inc. (“Innovative” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: IPSI), a US based Fintech company focused on building a 21st Century digital payment technology service business, announces a software upgrade for its self-service kiosks amid COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Company currently has 50 kiosks that will be installed at retail locations in Southern California and plans to deploy additional kiosks in other states. The Company is in the process of developing a proprietary software and blockchain technology that enables customers to quickly navigate multiple financial services options with providers such as bill payment, account review and customer service, remittance of funds, e-commerce, and gaming. The Company is simultaneously working on creating a secure and dynamic digital wallet while designing a new IPSI Stable Coin ecosystem that should improve the daily lives of consumers.


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NSW government inks AU$328m internet upgrade deal with Telstra

The New South Wales government has partnered with Telstra to deliver internet upgrades to more than 2,000 public schools across the state.

Expected to cost AU$328 million, the project is expected to see more than 5,200 km of fibre be rolled out, which the government boasted would increase internet speeds by more than 10-fold.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said the upgrade would deliver faster, more reliable internet access to enable more reliable video conferencing and quicker downloads.

“This upgrade will bypass existing network constraints meaning all our schools will be on a high-speed connection in the next 18 months, three years ahead of schedule,” she said.

The project will also give students access to new immersive learning opportunities, Mitchell added.

This deal will extend the long-running partnership that has existed between the NSW government and Telstra.

“We know that digital inclusion, particularly for students, is a lead indicator for

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Apple’s Massive AirPods Upgrade Suddenly Revealed

Apple’s most exciting iPhone 12 upgrade was its most unexpected and now the company has revealed it is working on the same exciting upgrade for AirPods. 

MORE FROM FORBESFirst Apple iPhone 13 Leaks Reveal Smaller Notch, ProMotion Display, Touch ID

Just days after the iPhone 12 event, where Apple unveiled its exciting new ecosystem of MagSafe charging and accessories, the company has filed a patent with the US Patent & Trademark Office for heavily redesigned MagSafe AirPods. 

Spotted by Patently Apple, the new AirPods use a super thin folio case that snaps onto the back of a device (read: iPhone) using magnets. Apple also shows a more traditional slimmed down design with a flip-open lid that connects the same way. Both devices then take their charge directly from the iPhone.

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Apple’s Surprise iPhone 12 Pro Upgrade Suddenly Changes The Game

Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro has a game-changing feature which no other device in the world can offer.

MORE FROM FORBESGoogle Update Brings Flagship Features To Millions Of Android Users

Speaking at the company’s October 13 “Hi, Speed” event, Greg Joswiak, Apple SVP, Worldwide Marketing, introduced several new ‘Pro’ camera features coming exclusively to the iPhone 12 range. Perhaps the most exciting among these is the news that Apple’s new flagships will be able to shoot, edit and share video in Dolby Vision HDR.

This is an incredible achievement for Apple as, according to Joswiak, the iPhone 12 models are the only devices in the world that can do this. 

Compared to the standard dynamic range recordings achievable with most cameras, Dolby Vision allows for the display of a far wider range of bright and dark shades

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Preorder Guide (PS5, Xbox Series X, And More): Bonuses, Next-Gen Upgrade Details, And More

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the Assassin’s Creed game to launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Originally announced with a November 17 release date, Valhalla will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via Uplay and the Epic Games Store) on November 10 to match the Xbox One Series X and Series S release date. This means Valhalla will be playable on a whopping six platforms (including Stadia). As an Assassin’s Creed game, you can bet Valhalla has multiple editions to choose from when preordering. All editions are available to preorder now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and you can currently get a nice discount at Amazon and Walmart.

Valhalla will feature a free upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and PS4 to PS5 when the next-gen consoles launch this holiday. If you purchase a physical edition for PS4, you’ll have to insert the disc

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