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C# Slides in Usage Ranking of Programming Languages

Microsoft’s C# programming language continues to slide in the latest SlashData usage report out for Q3 2020.

That report is the “Developer Economics State of the Developer Nation, 19th Edition,” just published by research firm SlashData, which now pegs C# at No. 6 in usage, behind JavaScript, Python, Java, C/C++ and PHP.

Rank of programming language communities, 2017-2020
[Click on image for larger view.] Rank of Programming Language Communities, 2017-2020 (source: SlashData).

One year ago, C# was at No. 4, and in Q2 2017 it was at No. 3.

While the language is experiencing growth in usage, “The fact that C# lost three places in the ranking of language communities during the last three years is mostly explained by its slower growth compared to C/C++ and PHP,” SlashData said.

The company measures usage mainly via questions on its continuing series of surveys conducted every six months.


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