Marvel’s Avengers Update Adds New Missions As Next-Gen Versions Delayed

Marvel’s Avengers has a new patch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and it introduces some major new content. The big new additions to the endgame are Tachyon Rifts, which contain new unique gear, and the SHIELD Substation Zero, which promises new characters and narrative.

With patch 1.3.3, SHIELD has opened its Substation Zero Outpost, which will be looking into temporal anomalies. This promises “new narrative, characters, and content,” although the patch notes don’t get too specific about what this will all look like. It’ll appear in the Pacific Northwest region of the War Table once it arrives.

The Tachyon Rift missions also relate to these anomalies, hurling players into dangerous environments where Tachyon storms will damage them over time (but also charge up their Heroic energy faster). These missions require a 140 Power Level or higher, and are available once per day, rotating out daily. They will also offer

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