Global Computer Vision Market (2020 to 2026) – by Product Type, Component, Application, Vertical and Region

The “Global Computer Vision Market by Product Type, Component, Application, Vertical and Region: Industry Analysis and Forecast 2020-2026” report has been added to’s offering.

The Global Computer Vision Market size is expected to reach $17.9 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth of 10.1% CAGR during the forecast period.

Computer vision which is driven by artificial intelligence is a novel technology that teaches computers to analyze the images. These images are interpreted through pattern or object recognition. The advancement in technology and the introduction of deep learning techniques in computer vision systems have made it capable of replicating human vision. For example, AI-aided surveillance in the healthcare industry is useful in cranial imaging that monitors acute neurologic events and thereby detect neurological illnesses. Diagnosis of disease in healthcare, quality inspection in manufacturing, biometric analysis in security, and guiding autonomous vehicles in transportation, are the important applications of computer

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Smart Vision AI Developers Kit Is Accelerating Computer Vision Applications

Imagine being able to embark on a real-time computer vision project in a few hours, with no code to build a traffic control system, a warehouse monitoring system, or an in-store point of sale optimization system. Like the apps that are built on top of smartphone operating systems, these smart computer vision projects can use a multitude of proprietary and vendor algorithms. Because they are built on top of BrainFrame, an operating system for computer vision that comes with a Smart Vision AI Developers Kit, they take a fraction of the time to build than other computer vision projects.

BrainFrame is one of the core products of, started by two founders, Stephen Li and Alex Thiel. Stephen applied his experience building out the Android operating system to BrainFrame. In collaboration with leading chipmakers such as Intel, Nvidia, etc., BrainFrame is positioning itself to

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