Amazon Faces Allegations It Harvested Sensitive Voice Data

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Amazon is being hit with a class-action suit alleging that the tech giant’s severs are storing biometric voice data from countless callers, in contravention of an Illinois privacy law.

At the center of the suit is Amazon Connect—a suite of call-center software that Amazon Web Services began licensing out under since 2017. One of the companies Amazon partnered with in order to offer this call-center service, Pindrop Security, specialized in creating what are known as “voiceprints,” which can be used to identify and “authenticate” callers by the cadence of their voice. These specific vocal quirks—much like an iris scan, a finger print, or a facial scan—fall under the umbrella of “biometric data” under Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA.) There’s a chance that Amazon ran afoul of the state law by collecting that data without obtaining callers’

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Sony Apologizes For PS5 Voice Recording Confusion, Says It’s Used For Reporting Harassment

Following the controversy surrounding the PS5’s voice chat functionality–and Sony having to clarify that it would not be recording your voice through the console–the company has offered an apology and a better explanation of how chat is going to work on the system.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, SIE VP of Global Consumer Experience Catherine Jensen said that the voice chat recording function will be used for players to report harassment while playing games. The most-recent five minutes of a voice chat will be available to players to record and send to Sony’s consumer experience team to make a decision.

The notification players see that lets them know they may be recorded is likely a matter of legality. In certain regions, including some parts of the US, it is illegal to record someone’s voice without their consent.

“Please note that this feature will not actively monitor or listen

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PlayStation 5 Won’t Actively Listen To Or Monitor Voice Chats, Sony Says


  • PS5 will allow gamers to report verbal harassment through a new voice chat reporting function
  • Voice chat recording is solely meant to curtail online harassment and abuse, Sony says
  • There won’t be an opt-out option for the voice chat recording function

Sony has apologized to PlayStation users for the confusion over a PS5 feature that will let users record their voice chats and submit them for moderation review. The company clarified that this feature is meant to protect players.

Two days ago, PS4 players caught wind of something in the system software update 8.00 that had them feeling like Sony encroaching on the privacy of their audience. 

“Please be aware that voice chats in parties may be recorded and sent to us by other users. By participating in voice chats, you agree to your voice being recorded,” the note spotted by PS4 players stated. “These recordings will be

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Dyslexia Software – The 7 Pros and Cons of Voice Recognition Dyslexia Software


In this article I want to talk about another piece of computer software which, used in the right way, can be very beneficial to people with dyslexia. The type of software that I will be examining is voice recognition or voice control. The advantages that this software brings makes it a tremendous piece of dyslexia software. Most of my articles are written with the help of voice recognition software. It makes me a faster, more efficient and better writer because I spend less time thinking about mechanics of typing and more time thinking carefully about what I want to say.

So what is voice recognition software?

This software allows a computer user to control a computer via a microphone with speech rather than relying on a keyboard and mouse.

The Pros of Using Voice Recognition Software

1. It is very flexible. It works alongside many different types of software. … Read More