‘The fake reporter wanted to know about our software’

As Johannes Siebers sat and nervously waited for the imposter to turn up, it could have been a scene from a spy movie.

Johannes and his younger brother Michael were in a cafe in Munich, where they had arranged to meet a fake journalist.

The pretend writer had got in touch, claiming to be from one of Germany’s leading magazines. He said he wanted to interview the brothers about their new company Holidu, a holiday rentals price comparison website.

The man added that he was particularly interested in finding out more about the image recognition software they had developed.

This automatically checks the photos of millions of villas and apartments around the world, be they on private websites, or the likes of Airbnb. The software does this to ensure that if a particular property is featured in numerous places online, which is often the case, Holidu only lists it once,

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Making Money From Your Website

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