Meet A Former Fighter Pilot, Current Autonomous Vehicles Road Warrior

As a tech investor, I get to talk to some intriguing people. But there’s one group that I think is really special. These are people who are supremely talented, endlessly curious, fanatically committed, and who are unconstrained by disciplinary boundaries. This combination of traits makes them uniquely well-suited to solve the world’s most critical and intractable problems. I’ve dubbed these individuals “missionary misfits,” and every few months, I’ll introduce readers to one of these extraordinary humans.

The first missionary misfit I’d like you to meet is Missy Cummings. Missy is a professor in Duke’s School of Engineering and the Duke Institute of Brain Sciences; she’s also the director of the Humans and Autonomy Laboratory and Duke Robotics. Her research centers on autonomous vehicles and the policy, ethical, and social impact of autonomous technologies. 

Missy was also one of

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