The 2020 Workplace – Leading With Focus on Technology and Adaptability

Evolution is another word for ‘adapting to change’ and thriving and evolving to the next level of success.

Diverse industry workers have experienced more change or evolution in the past five years than their parents experienced in a lifetime. Technology has increased the speed of work and has caused an increase in the pace of how we do our work. The workplace is evolving due to shifts in values of the Generation Y (those in their 20’s) and the Millenials (those under 20).

Generational values differ among all of the Generations and are also contributing to the fast pace of change. Zoomers (baby boomers who refuse to age and those in their early 50’s to late 60’s) and Gen X (those in their 30’s to early 50’s) are feeling the pressure from Gen Y’s and Millennial employees and customers to create a new and more evolved workplace.

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Importance of Antivirus Software in the Workplace

Internet security is very important when it comes to the computers and network in your home or office. Most of the time, viruses spread easily over a network connection. As soon as one computer in your office gets infected with a virus, it can spread to the other computers. This may result in data and time loss.

You must take it seriously when choosing and installing antivirus software in the office for your computer and company’s protection. Antivirus software provides numerous benefits. As soon as you install and use it, you will get immediate protection. It will prevent the infection going into your network. It is also capable of quarantining a virus on an infected computer, preventing it to sneak and spread to other computers.

Antivirus software not only prevents virus infection to computers but also protects the company from compliance violations, data loss, identity theft, lost productivity and network … Read More