Trump keeps messing up the name of new US missiles in the works

  • Amid recent attacks on his Democratic opponent for verbal gaffes, President Donald Trump has repeatedly messed up the name of a type of weapon the US is developing.
  • At three separate political events in just four days, Trump referred to “hypersonic” weapons as “hydrosonic” missiles, confusing a missile with a toothbrush.
  • Trump sometimes refers to the “hydrosonic missile” as the “super duper missile,” a new weapon about which he has repeatedly provided conflicting information.
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In recent days, President Donald Trump has repeatedly screwed up the name of a type of missile the US is currently working to develop, confusing it with a toothbrush.

“We have the hydrosonic missiles you used to hear about,” Trump said in Ocala, Florida, last Friday. “We now have hydrosonic missiles. We have the greatest military ever.”

In Muskegon, Michigan, on Saturday, Trump touted what he calls the

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