Scientists capture world’s first 3,200-megapixel photos

Scientists at the Menlo Park, California-based SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have taken the world’s first 3,200-megapixel digital photos, using an advanced imaging device that’s built to explore the universe.

“We will measure and catalog something like 20 billion galaxies.” said Steven Kahn, director of the Vera C. Rubin Observatory in Chile. That observatory is where the world’s largest digital camera will become the centerpiece of a monumental effort to map the night sky. The camera will spend 10 years capturing the most detailed images of the universe ever taken.  

a screen shot of a tiled wall: A head of romanesco broccoli captured at 3,200 megapixels. SLAC

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A head of romanesco broccoli captured at 3,200 megapixels. SLAC

“Most parts of the night sky have actually never been imaged at all by telescopes.” Kahn said. “No part of the sky has really been imaged with this kind of time, sequencing and time cadence, where you can watch how things change.”

The team working on the

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Covid-19 Drives Amazon’s Rise Among World’s Top Brands

saw the largest increase in value among the world’s 100 best global brands this year. The rise of 60% took the e-commerce leader above the $200 billion barrier according to consultancy Interbrand. Apple
held onto the top position, boosting its brand value by 38% to $323 billion.

Interbrand’s highly-anticipated Top 100 Best Global Brands have grown by 9% pushing up their total brand value over the $2.3 trillion mark. Strong names have become stronger thanks to a Covid-19 effect which has helped to reinforce the dominance of big tech in 2020. Not only do they hold the top five positions—Apple, Amazon, Microsoft
, Google
and Samsung—but technology and tech-platform brands now represent 48% of the total table value, versus only 17% in 2010.

The league table (see the interactive listing here)

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From a World’s First Connecting the Internet with Mobile Phones to Pioneering Chat Commerce, Clickatell Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Consumers spend 90% of their screen time on five mobile apps, and chat apps rank number one. They prefer digital commerce experiences and expect to be able to buy goods and access services 24×7 from anywhere.

A recent Aberdeen research report, “Maximize the ROI of Chat in Commerce Activities,” indicates that companies incorporating chat capabilities enjoy 75% greater year-over-year growth in annual revenue and 89% greater annual growth in cross-sell and up-sell revenue.

“Chat commerce is how availability for financial opportunities will unfold for the next billion people,” said Pieter de Villiers, co-founder and CEO at Clickatell.

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation across businesses around the world, including digital commerce, and people are embracing commerce via chat. “The next billion people and millions of merchants will not be onboarded through websites, email,

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uAvionix Files FAA TSO Application for World’s First Certified Drone Transponder

Today, uAvionix Corporation announced it has filed a Technical Standard Order (TSO) application with the FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) for its flagship Mode S ADS-B OUT transponder for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The ping200X follows a line of groundbreaking, low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) avionics developed and certified by uAvionix for UAS and General Aviation aircraft. Approval is expected in Q4 2020.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

uAvionix has filed its TSO application for the 50 gram ping200X Mode S ADS-B transponder. The company aims to deliver the first certified Mode S transponder designed exclusively to meet the needs of unmanned aircraft.

Weighing only 50 grams, the Level 2els Class 1 transponder packs a punch, delivering 250W of transmit power while only drawing an average of 1.5W, making its profile small enough to be fitted onto Group 1 and 2 UAS.


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The Countess of Lovelace and the world’s first computer

It might be difficult to believe that the first computer programmer was a woman who died in 1852, or that the first general purpose computer was designed in 1837. Computers are ingrained in our psyche as a sign of modernity, not as inventions that predate Thomas Edison by 10 years.

But who was this computer programmer, and what was a computer like in 1837?

Ada Lovelace was born in 1815, the only child of Lord Byron and his wife Anne. Lovelace inherited her father’s sense of poetry and romance, and from a young age blended them with a love of mathematics.

In 1833 she met Charles Babbage, a renowned scientist and mathematician. The pair would become friends and corresponded often. Babbage had already built a mechanical calculator that could solve complex mathematical equations, but he had also designed an even more sophisticated device that he called the Analytical Engine. It

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