Technology and Freedom; Good or Evil?

Many say that technology is evil in some way, they will tell us that technology limits us and takes away our freedoms. Those who oppose technology live in the fear of change, but will not address their fears, rather condemn our species forward advancement into the future. The demand a Utopia, but squash those who research and study to make it so. They will attack the entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and those who cheer them on.

Yet if we look closely at the facts we find that technology can give you freedoms. It can also take them away. But mankind has been enslaving people anyway without technology and at times offered them their freedom either by decree, sword or guillotine. So let’s also understand that too, just like money is not evil rather a unit of trade; so you see the other side?

When the first automobiles started moving the horse and buggies out of the way, everyone condemned them, until they bought one and saw the new freedoms and ease of travel. If everyone had a horse and buggy today we would have so much horse crap in the streets we would all die of disease and the number of flies would increase 1,000-fold.

Technology of today could not have been imagined in the wildest dreams of those living in the fourteenth century. Yet today we can image the future of technology in fact I would like technology to record my dreams for instance, so I can replay the good ones, or start the sequence to start where I left off. I would like to use technology to help me so I could do this and use this dream state to answer questions I have and work on complex thoughts. So, why not allow the technology to help me do what I do that much better?

Technology is no more evil than an airplane to help us travel, a radio to listen to the news or an ultra-thin iPod to allow us to listen to our favorite music while riding our mountain bike on the trails, roller-blading through the park or standing in line at the department of motor vehicles. In fact if the Department of Motor Vehicles had their act together and made better use of technology, we would not have to wait in line at all. Think about it.