Tips in Increasing Website Traffic

We all know that fresh web traffic is important to our sites in order for us to gain income from our hard work. But how do we increase website traffic? There are actually a lot of possible ways for increasing website traffic. And I’m going to enumerate the best options one can have to augment traffic to their websites.

1. Write Fresh and Informative Articles

Web surfers often visit the sites where they can get more new and rich information. That’s why it is important for you to update your website often by writing fresh and original articles daily. This method will surely assist in increasing website traffic.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Writing articles everyday is not enough if you don’t place the right keyword or keyword phrase in each article. There are free and paid services to get the most search keyword or phrase in the Web. You can use the free keyword suggestion tool from Word tracker if you have a strained budget and if you have plenty of financial resources then you may want to use Google Ad words to track the best keywords you can use in increasing website traffic to your domain.

3. Blog Your Way to The World

Make a blog and announce that you have these articles written on your site with a link to it of course!

4. Pay per Click Advertising

Well if only you have the financial resources in helping you in increasing website traffic then you must try pay per click advertising. Pay Per Click advertising allows you to target your market geographically, by keywords and/or key phrases. The search engine or website that your ads are hosted on will only appear when the content or searches are relevant to what you have to offer.

5. Submit Articles To Article Directories

Make a 400 word article or more and then submit it to article directories such as EzineArticles, GoArticles etc. This article directories will help in increasing traffic to your website because first of all – lots of people surf these sites to look for quality articles.

6. Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are sites where a lot of members share what they think are the best sites that they have encountered in the web and almost all social bookmarking sites have a lot of members talking about traffic. So sign in as a member to as many social bookmarking sites in the web such as dig, delicious, etc and then bookmarked your own sites. This is an effective tool in increasing website traffic.

So that’s what I have to share today. I hope my suggestions will help in increasing website traffic to your site.