Why Is It Important for You to Manage Startup Programs of Your Computer?

Startup programs may be one of the most important reasons why your computer may have slowed down. A slow startup in windows can be an indicator that your computer may be facing a few problems. Computers can get exposed to various problems that you may not be aware of and they can easily affect the speed of your computer and its performance over time. In order to ensure that your computer will continue to work effectively over time you will have to maintain it regularly by making several adjustments, removing files and install useful software.

Why Would You Need to Maintain Your Startup Programs?

Over time, your computer will accumulate various unwanted files and programs that would not be useful for you. These files can take up a lot of space on your hard drive so that there would be not enough space available for your operating system to work properly. Because of this, the speed of your computer may suffer quite a lot. Also, you may not be aware that when you switch on your computer, there may be a few unwanted programs that may get automatically started and may take up a lot of your valuable time. If your computer is taking too much time to start up then it is an indication that you will have to take some time to review your startup menu to check for programs that you do not require and then remove them.

Managing Startup Programs

In order to remove the programs in your startup menu that you do not need you will simply have to type msconfig in the "Run" option and press enter. You will receive a list of all the applications in the startup menu of your computer. Check all of these programs and remove the ones that you do not use or do not need in your startup. You should also remove automatic updates since it will start checking for updates as soon as your computer is switched on and will use up a lot of CPU time and will slow down the computer.

You will also have to defrag your hard drive regularly. If your hard disk is fragmented it may cause slower startups. You will have to locate the fragmented files scattered on your hard drive. It may be quite difficult for you to perform this function if you are not really experienced with computers. You will also need to check your computer regularly for viruses and malware. The maintenance work for your computer and the process of managing the programs in the startup menu may seem to be a little time consuming. However, there are several software programs available today that can automatically manage your startup programs for you.