Writing Articles to Supplement Your Income – Create a Webpage to Boost Your Portfolio and Your Image

If you’re wanting to make significant income in article marketing then you’re going to have to create a website as a place to both display your work as well as increase your reputation. Having a website makes you and your articles more marketable on many different levels:

  • A website serves as a great portfolio to display your best articles: Nothing gives you more flexibility on how your material is presented if you are the designer and webmaster of your own website. Here, you can present your material just about any way you chose making sure emphasis is in your best work and credentials.
  • A website increases your professional image: When an e-zine editor or some blogger is considering hiring you to write some articles, showing a potential client a eye pleasing webpage with examples of your work is the icing on the cake. There are a lot of article writers out there now and you want every edge you can get. A website gives your articles personality and that’s exactly what clients are looking for! They’re looking for articles that are unique and interesting. Presentation is key!
  • A website can earn you additional income: If your website gains any kind of popularity, you can add advertising to your website for some extra income. The money you’ll bring in through this method is highly dependent on the amount of traffic you bring in, but if you become popular or a few of your articles are syndicated the income can be significant.

Websites only work though if they’re designed right. You can be a great author but if you drag interested viewers to your website and its disorganized and unappealing, you have a good chance of losing your viewers. The most important aspect of any websites are presentation and ease of use:

Presentation – Your website has to look presentable. Color schemes should match and your site should be generally pleasing to look at. Everything that you need to produce a pleasing effective website can be found for free over the internet. From the hosting (blogger.com) to free graphics and themes, its never been easier to set yourself up a web presence. Don’t litter your site with advertisements or affiliate links either but focus the visitor on your works and accomplishments.

Ease of Use – Your uses need to be able to get to your content. You should have well designed menus and your page should have a flow that makes it easy to get to key points of your site. Your articles need to be easy to find and they should be categorized. Allowing your visitors to leave comments enables discussion and activity on the site and that in turn brings in even more visitors. The more interesting you make your site, the more visitors will come and the longer they’ll stay.

The most important tip I can give you is this: Put yourself in your visitors shoes when designing your site. If after you create a site you have a hard time getting around or things aren’t working, then things aren’t going to get any better for the people you’re trying to impress. It can take a while for first time webmasters to make a decent enough page but with some time and effort, I’m sure just about anyone can do it. You and your wallet will be singing to the bank for your efforts!

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