How to Revamp Your Website Without Affecting SEO

If your website has outgrown itself and needs a change in its overall look/design, you surely are in for a revamp. Since Google constantly keeps on making changes in its algorithm, it includes new ranking factors based on user friendliness etc. Your website needs to bring about renovation with passage of time so that it can adapt itself to new website designing trends and bring more user friendly features to its audience. Here are some ways you could revamp your website without affecting SEO:

Retain the same URL structure or use 301 Direct

Take a list of all the urls in your original website and save it in an Excel file. Make your best efforts to retain the same URL or use 301 redirects for saving the website from incurring a loss in traffic. If you change the URL structure of the website abruptly, you will also lose all inbound … Read More

Why Is It Important to Use a Computer Vacuum?

Dust and dirt are one of the many reasons why computers sometimes perform poorly. These particles make their way inside the computer, thus causing some distortion in the mechanisms' performance. The case vents and the computer fan are pre to collecting dust. When you start to hear the fans creating a strange noise, it is an indication that dusting is necessary. Keeping the fans dusty can cause it to function poorly.

Damages in the fans will cause it to stop working, and the computer will become sooner to overheating. Here, proper monitoring and cleaning of the computer advances damage in the computer. It is important to inspect regularly your computer, speakers and keyboard to prevent the accumulation of dust.

There are proper ways to take note of keeping computers clean. Perhaps the most common mistake that some owners do is dusting their computer monitor with a house rag. This is … Read More