7 SEO Rules of Thumb You Can Always Count On

Recently, Google modified its search engine technology to show results – almost letter by letter- as one types his or her search words. Google Instant, as it is now called, focuses on showing results on every word type. Similar to the popular game show "Wheel of Fortune" Google Instant helps jog one's memory by suggesting how search words may be categorized by its engine's indexing. So, for example, if I were to begin typing "pizza," a drop down menu would appear suggesting related key word combinations that would include everything from "pizza dough" to Pizza Hut. "

Until now, SEO never focused on randomized virtual keywords that cover all the possibilities of a search. The almost sudden change has brought up a very worrisome question: how much will Google Instant change the rules that many of us currently follow to create strong SEO content? By the way, we can also … Read More