Getting a Bump in Size

Since I reached my adult age, I’ve felt self conscious about my size. I thought about having an enlargement procedure done, but I wasn’t exactly sure how it would work out. Whatever process would be done would more than likely be painful, and there was a good chance that my insurance wouldn’t cover it. Instead, I looked for pill based solutions to my problem, and found out about Vimax. I looked at some reviews from people who tried it before and they were satisfied with the results, so I thought it would be nice to give it a shot.

I ordered some of the pills online and tried them over the course of a month. I knew that it would take a while for the results to start coming, so I tried to give myself a little patience.… Read More

20 Questions to Help You Improve Your Website

Are you wondering how to improve your website? Spend some time giving careful consideration to the following 20 questions – and then act on your findings!

  1. Is my site navigation intuitive, clear, and easy-to-use?
  2. What are my products and / or services? Are they clearly presented?
  3. What benefits do my products and / or services provide? Are those benefits clearly outlined?
  4. Is my site visually attractive to my target audience?
  5. How does my site compare to my competition?
  6. Am I trying to highlight too many things on my site so that pages appear cluttered?
  7. How often do I update my site? What are the updates comprised of?
  8. What new information, new products, or new offers can I begin adding to my site?
  9. Whose job responsibility is it to update the web site on a regular basis?
  10. What information is my target market looking for? How can I make their lives
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