Future Shock: Voice Recognition Identification Technology

Backgrounder: Kay Hughes, flight attendant for today’ s non-stop coast-to-coast flight is busy checking her catering order and prepping the cabin. Bob Harmon is the captain and Jeff Mortowski is his first officer. Both are situated in the cockpit going over the pre-flight checklist. The pax are from various companies in the New York area or individuals on personal business who have bought seats on his flight.

The Story: Kay woke up with a start as the alarm on her clock radio blared. Reaching across her pillow, she noticed the time, 5:15, and hammered the snooze button in the hopes of grabbing another five minutes of sleep. Tired as she was, her mind began to race as she considered the day ahead. In less than four hours she would be enroute to L.A. with an aircraft full of passengers. Slowly the thought of additional sleep became less important as she … Read More

Style and Your Website – Style Elements

"Style and your website – an introduction," is about the importance of style. But what makes one style unique? What are those style elements that differentiate your site from others?

First of all the colors. Enough has been written about color usage and color schemes on websites. Red is said to be a color that conveys action and passion. Blue is a general business color and expresses seriousness … Usually websites have one dominant color and a supporting color. Important is that these colors support your message. A dominating red website does not fit the ambience of a university for example – where the thought is sacred, action is of minor importance (yet) …

The logo is another style element. It expresses the most important style elements in one simple image. It is a strong vehicle in expressing a message and for the visitor an element to focus on and … Read More

The Art of C ++ Programming, Chapter 2 – Installing Microsoft Visual Studio

Development Environment:

First thing's first. Lets get us an environment to work in. I personally recommend the Microsoft Visual Studio C ++ Express edition, but there are other compilers out there like Dev Studio, etc.

This is the compiler many professionals use (they pay for an upgraded version, but it's the same basic thing), so it's a pretty sweet deal.

While you are downloading and installing that bit of software, I'll go ahead and explain in a nutshell exactly what you are downloading. A "development environment" (what we are downloading) is a combination of several tools a programmer can use to create things.

The parts we care about are: Text Editor: where the code is written. Think of notepad Compiler: the thing that turns your code into machine code (computer language) Debugger: the tool used for pointing out wrong code (finds your errors … sort of)

Without these, you can … Read More

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