Slow Computer Performance – How to Fix Your Slow PC and Make it Run Faster

Do you ever experience slow computer performance? I believe most PC owners can attest that they have noticed a major change in their computers performance. If you experience a slowdown in performance then it is best to find quick fixes that will help improve slow performance.

Here are practical ways that can repair your computers slow performance.

# 1. It is best to install an antivirus program in your computer. Whenever you surf the internet is highly capable that your browser will get infected with viruses. When you have anti-virus installed, you are assured that your pc is protected every time you go online. You will know if your pc is infected by virus if its response is slow and you keep seeing strange errors and it will just shut keep shutting down. Antivirus programs will block, scan, quarantine and kill them in your system. So it is a good … Read More

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