Employ the Experts to Design Your Website

You might think that anyone can design a website, and there are plenty of templates available online that will tell you it’s simply a matter of inputting your information in the right boxes that might make you think you don’t need to hire an expert to design your business website.

The truth is that while there are plenty of website templates available, some of which are even free to download, they are not going to give you the professional edge that you need a website to bring to your business. Your website has two purposes. First of all it acts as your online showroom. It’s a place where people can instantly see what your company does and where to contact you. Then it’s also a marketing vehicle that can pick up potential clients who are searching for the goods or services that your business offers.

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Basic Guidelines for a Friendly Search Engine Website

Tips for Creating an Effective & Efficient Website Homepage

1. The top categories of your website should be visible. Make sure that they stand out.

2. Include sub categories, which are relevant to the top categories on your website.

3. Your message and/or motto should be informative, engaging and memorable.

4. Users should know what your website is about on the Homepage.

5. Create content, which is unique & contains valuable information.

“My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider.”

Dave Naylor.

Important Elements that you Should Consider While Planning your Website:

Your website is your gateway to reaching customers and gaining a loyal audience. There are two really important elements, which should be checked before the development and designing of a website. For starters, your website should be user friendly. Visitors and users should be able to navigate throughout your website with ease. … Read More