What Makes An Effective Website?

Every Web site should be built with its purpose in mind. How well a web site fulfills its purpose is influenced by several factors as will be considered in this article.

Firstly, does it load quickly? Remember that many potential visitors may not have the same connection speed available to others. If, for instance, a Web user is forced to wait several minutes for a large graphic to load, they will very likely move on to another site. These visual effects, although important in boosting visual appeal, must be used judiciously.

There are numerous fast loading visual alternatives available like skinny horizontal graphics rather than the ones that occupy a lot of vertical space. There are places available on the internet to check the site load time.

A Web site must deliver what it promises. It is essential that the keywords of a Web site be justified. When a visitor … Read More

What to Look For When Hiring an SEO Consultant Or Company

Openness and education are incredibly important, especially when it comes to SEO, as the profession is open to abuse and misinformation. In order to better inform my site visitors I have prepared this article which will hopefully allow you to gain a basic understanding of what is involved in SEO and what to look for when hiring an SEO consultant or company.

What do you see when you use a Search Engine?

Once a user has submitted a search query to either Google, Yahoo or MSN they will see a list of ordered results that take 2 forms:

Pay Per Click (PPC) Adverts

PPC adverts are how the main 3 search engines make money, an advertiser chooses the search terms that will trigger their adverts and whenever a user clicks on the advert the advertiser pays the search engine. PPC adverts are shown down the right hand side and sometimes … Read More

Search Engine Basics For Realtors

Search Engine Optimization often looks like a dark art performed by wizards with a keyboard. But the reality is that it's much like anything else, there's a process and given the right amount effort anything is possible.

We're going to cover the basic concept in this article.

What does Google look for?

Keep in mind this is a basic introductory article and that Google owns a lot of patents that describe how the specific algorithm works. So we're focusing on the most important elements. We're going to break this down into two pieces.

1. On-site optimization – Things you do on your website which help Google understand what your site is about.

2. Off-site optimization – Things which are not part of your site such as links from other websites.

Let's get started with On-site Optimization.

There's one general rule I use here. If a normal person can see it, … Read More