Internet Marketing – Why People Google

Knowing why people Google is important basic knowledge. As an internet marketer, you're either interrupting their search process or entering into it. You're saying "Hey! Look at me! I've got the solution you've been looking for! In order to really get your prospect's attention, you need to know why they're doing what they're doing.

At base, people search for two reasons.

  • for entertainment
  • for information

You can make money out of both. I make money out of both. So, for thoroughness, let's look at both.

Entertainment Searchers

These are the millions who spend millions of hours surfing the internet and not looking at TV. These are the folks who hang out on MySpace or Facebook and interact with each other. They also download stuff – music, books. If you consider shopping a form of entertainment, then these are the people looking through Land's End's website looking at the shoes or … Read More

It’s About Time To Get Into Mobile Marketing

In business, reaching out to your target market is one of the primary functions of marketing. The traditional way of promoting a product or service is through print and media, but when desktop computers, laptops, and slowly tablet computers, and smart phones became widely used, marketing did not fail to keep up. Now, coupled online marketing, mobile marketing is the newest addition to the mix.

For the past couple of years or so, mobile marketing has slowly become the world of marketing. This is to make sure that local businesses reach out to their customers looking for products and services within their area. Out of about 4 billion users of mobile phones, there are about 1.08 billion people who use smart phones. And almost all of these smart phone users are using their gadgets to search for local businesses. That's quite a lot of potential customers, do not you think? … Read More