Does Length of Article Matter For SEO?

Does length of article matter for SEO? Some people will tell you that you need 500+ words in article to be indexed well in search engines. Some say less and some say more. So who do you listen to?

Listen to no one! You should post however much you like. Your post can be short but straight to the point, or a long post that is long because it is necessary for you to explain everything. Do not write a long post just to make you feel that it is required to get the audience's attention or indexed well in search engines.

If you are writing an article in, you can write the 250 words minimum, and you can get indexed just as well as another article that has over 1000 words. If your post is long and boring, most likely people will skim through your writing.

What really … Read More

WoW Macro Addon – The Lazy Player’s Path To Awesome Effectiveness

Yes, you got me. I’m one of those players that likes to get a maximum effect with a minimum of effort. But I think there are many other players that think like me. That’s why I’ve been working with a WoW macro addon.

You probably have learned so far, that without macros and a balanced keybinding you can’t score a high DPS, or keep everyone alive as a healer. However, writing your own macros takes time and requires LUA programming skills. And I’m not talking here about the easy “/use” macros for your trinket and 1-2 other abilities. I’m talking about heavy macros that allow your to reduce the whole activity of your toon to 2-3 buttons.

Are you eager to become a programmer just to play a game? Not me. My every day job and classes are enough. World of Warcraft should be a place of fun and escapism. … Read More

Great Plains Dynamics GP Customization and Programming Tools

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP, or earlier Great Plains Software Dynamics and eEnteprise have wide range of modification, software development, integration, EDI, reporting tools. However, please take into consideration the fact, that GP is mid-market accounting, ERP and MRP platform, meaning that its business logics and processes might be too complex for newcomers with natural good intention to help her or his company to deliver and implement tailor business logic in a few days or weeks. For example, traditional GP customization tool – Great Plains Dexterity requires programmer to be certified and have several years of heavy Dex programming experience in order to spec out Microsoft Great Plains custom modules in competitive ERP consulting environment. Having said that, we will try to build this article from the simple to the complex:

1. eConnect. Yes, this tool is the simplest to start professional software development and programming, especially if you are thinking … Read More

Why Magento Development Is Best for Your Business

The aim of this software is to provide new ways of selling products online. It also helps in the promotion and functionality of online stores.

There are many other platforms used for selling products online like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, big commerce but Magento is very popular among all. It is highly recommended because of its flexible features and extraordinary functions which this platform is offering.

Following are some reasons which will force every business to switch their business to Magento.

1. SEO Supportive:

It is one the most imperative feature of Magento Development that it is SEO friendly. SEO which makes any website more available online will definitely increase your customer for buying any digital or physical product. Magento provides the latest SEO ranking factors. It also includes analytics for tracking web visitors.

2. Advance Features:

Magento is enough for dealing your e-commerce business more effectively as it provides up to … Read More

How to Transfer Files From One Computer to Another

When we replace our old computer with a new one we always look for ways to move the old PC settings to the new system. This is not an easy job and can take hours. We have to copy the folders, files and other data in an external hard drive and then connect that hard drive with the new PC in order to save this data. Most people do not know that to transfer files from one computer to another computer can be done automatically with the sophisticated software technology. Here are given important tips to carry out the automatic process of shifting to a brand new system.

It is very common that people change their systems. Some are not satisfied with their machines while others simply want to upgrade their operating systems. That is a natural process. However, in this movement from one PC to another PC, what becomes … Read More

So What Exactly Is a Computer Registry?

You may have heard that it is important to clean your computer (PC) registry. Or, perhaps you have been experiencing some problems with your computer, and it has been suggested that cleaning your registry may help sort out the problems. But before you get started doing that, you probably need to have some understanding of what the registry is!

The registry is basically a database that controls every aspect of your computer's operation and is found on all Microsoft Windows® operating systems.

You could say that the computer's processor (CPU) is the 'brain' of the computer hardware, while the registry is the 'brain' of the Operating System. Now, most people are unfamiliar with the registry and with good reason – it just works quietly in the background and never lets you know if everything is working well or if there are problems. Cleaning the registry needs to be done carefully, … Read More

Top Internet Scams Today

The Internet, as well as being a marvelous resource, is also a playground for rogues. Unfortunately, opportunists of many different forms find prey online, and it’s important that you don’t get caught out. With identity theft on the increase, and the perpetual fraud issue, it’s never been more important to take care of your details.

One of the most common frauds circulating the Internet today comprise of what is known as ‘phishing’. Phishing is where you are sent an email from an online payment merchant or other similar company, asking you to verify your card details or personal information. The problem with these emails is that they look very authentic, and can be very difficult to spot. And as soon as you enter your payment information, the crooks can get access to your money. To avoid getting caught out by one of these scams, bear in mind that it is … Read More

Why Success is a Science

My studies of the highly successful prove that they continually achieve their results by doing "certain things in a certain way." I have also found that "like causes produce like effects." Therefore, if you and I consistently employ the same thought processes and actions of these highly-successful individuals, we must produce the same results. This is why success is an absolute science. If you apply the principles (thoughts and actions) of peak performers, you will accelerate your sales and life results far beyond your current level of achievement. Put it to the test.

In his best-selling book, Psychocybernetics , Dr. Maxwell Maltz talks about our daily actions being the direct result of our habits. Since your actions are the cause of your results, it is fair to assume that your habits are what absolutely create the results you obtain. Habits are the things you and I do naturally and automatically, … Read More

Microsoft Certificates – Why Are They Important to Computer Professionals?

There are a variety of reasons why Microsoft certificates are important to computer professionals. Computer professional employers need to hire competent employees for IT solutions. And, those computer professionals who have certificates and are looking for employment are more easily employable.

Beside, the numbers do not lie – 75% of managers believe that certificates are important for team performance, and 66% of managers believe that certificates improve the level of service and support offered to IT users and customers.

The fact is that getting certified by Microsoft is no walk in the park. They require rigorous exams to be passed before certification is granted. This means that the person who is certified in that area has demonstrated at one time a remarkable expertise in that type of technology.

This will appeal to computer professionals in all types of businesses. For example, there are certificates as they refer to satisfying customer … Read More

Lame Excuses For Not Doing SEO That You Should not Make

In today's time, we live in the world where everything depends on the technology. However, there are so many people still afraid to be the part of this digitalization and they always try to stand away from it, which never let them, to be the part of the competition. Similarly, if you really want to get success in the market, so, you have to meet your steps with the digital world that demands an SEO-friendly website. So, instead of making excuses you should consult a reliable SEO Company around you and take benefits from their experience. Here are some silly excuses people actually make to avoid SEO that they should stop for now.

I Am Too Late To Be The Part Of The Strategy: Seriously, how can you even think like that. Have not you heard the idiom, it's better to be late than never? If yes, so, you should … Read More