Cleaning Computer – How to Properly Clean Out Your Computer

What lurks inside your computer? I’m guessing you probably don’t even know. When is the last time you’ve cracked open that case? Ever? It could be scary. In this article I will describe the process of cleaning a computer.

The first step in cleaning a computer is to shut your computer down. With your computer shut down, but still plugged in, touch the metal part of the power supply (where the power cord comes in at). This is just a basic precaution to discharge any static. Open up your case. On a simple case, it will be two screws on the back side of the case. If you are staring at the back of the computer, they should be on the right side. Remove these screws and open it up. If that isn’t the setup, you likely have a Dell or Compaq with a different scheme to open them. Most … Read More