How You Can Massively Increase the “Click-Through” From Your Articles to Your Website

Without doubt articles on "the best sexual positions" or "how to increase your penis size" or "how to shave your pubic hair" or "how to attract the opposite sex" or "how to tell if your spouse is cheating on you" are by FAR the most popular and searched articles on the internet. See a theme there? They get tens of thousands of hits. Some get hundreds of thousands of hits.

Well, what if you DO NOT want to write about those things?

Quite simply you really would not want to write articles on any of those topics unless you had a related website that could take advantage of the traffic it would bring. So, right there is my first tip. Make sure you have a website to take advantage of the articles that you write. Paradoxically, I do not have an "article writing" website even though I occasionally write articles … Read More

Proven Income – New Home Internet Marketing Strategies

The title probably got your attention, but maybe this is not so new. And then again, maybe it is new as the internet is not that old. Human beings have been writing for millennia, Writing on the internet with this much ease has only been done for a very short time. I have written a number of articles on the subject of internet marketing, mostly because I am investigating the same, and the best way to clarify your thinking is to put it on paper. Articles will do this for you. Emphasis is on the basics, the kinds of things that anyone new to internet marketing can and should do, not the fancy stuff. These are the not so new home internet marketing strategies that more experienced internet marketers continue to do themselves on a regular basis. They provide the internet marketer with a dependable, recurring, high, and consistent proven Read More

How To Get More Hits For Your Web Site

First, what is the difference between hits and visitors? Well hits is the number of pages viewed by all of the visitors coming to your site. So a visitor looking at one page generates one hit, whereas the same visitor looking at 10 pages is still only 1 unique visitor, but 10 hits.

So, why is it important to increase hits, not just visitors? Well if the count of visitors and hits are equal, then people are not looking around your website. Whilst these immediate balances may be more likely to click on AdSense adverts, they are less likely to become long term visitors or even buyers and less likely to keep coming back.

That means to increase website hits we need to look at three areas. First, increase the page hits per visitor. Second, increase the visitor return rate. Third, find new visitors to come to the website.

Increasing … Read More

How To Safeguard Your Credit Card Against Fraud

Credit card fraud is getting more serious along with online shopping that mostly accepts cashless payment. Victims of this fraud have to go through a hassle and frustrating process in trying to recoup the funds they lost. So, you need to smartly handle all information pertains to your credit cards and be vigilant in protecting yourself from the fraud. Below are a few precautions you can do to protect against the risk of becoming a victim of such fraud.

1. Don’t keep PIN (Personal Identity Number)

Sign the new credit card immediately once you receive it. Memorize its PIN and destroy the letters containing the PIN. If you are changing the number to make it easier to remember, be caution not to use numbers related to your birthday, social security number, car plate number or family names.

2. Cut before throw

If you throw away any card you don’t use … Read More

Free Website Builder to Make a Free Website

Some providers have more than 2,000 website templates that are fully functional and already incorporated the basic text and images that are appropriate for the type of company that represents this web design. Use an existing template as a starting point, making your construction project site much easier. Web sites of professional models are organized in several different professions and finding an ideal site for designing your business is easy. Decide what you want and how you want it, and put your thoughts into action.

There are some companies that offer free website builders to make a free website with generic templates. A real good site will offer website templates that are complete and work for custom business professionals. Each model includes unique pages, working navigation, images of interest and even usable text. If you are racing at the time, you can simply enter your name and logo, add your … Read More

The Basics For a Successful Website

Any company, business or even an individual can be promoted through the internet. The best way to do so is to launch a website exclusively for this purpose. There are a wide variety of websites on the internet now and the number is rapidly increasing with each passing day. However, there are some basic essential features that can determine the success of your website above others.

A website is launched basically with the intention of generating the maximum number of traffic to its contents. This traffic determines the popularity of the website. Particular web sites that command certain popularity with select target groups also cater as hosts for a lot of advertisements and infomercials for various other businesses. The idea is to make your website very attractive and appealing to the target group. Here I enlist some features that might help you to do just that.

· Get ​​a proper … Read More

How to Put an End to Internet Addiction Today

Ask anyone. Perhaps the best invention or discovery in the world to date is the Internet. Just imagine getting access to loads of information with just a few clicks. It has become so popular millions of people use it on a daily basis.

This also brings about a new kind of disorder known as Internet addiction. Statistics say around 6 to 11 percent of Internet users are so addicted they can not compel themselves to turn the browser off. Moreover, they get hooked to other kinds of addiction, including gambling and pornography. There are thousands of websites dedicated to these.

Like any kind of addiction, Internet addiction hinders you from achieving a more fulfilling social relationship. You spend most of your time online than with friends and family members. You will feel isolated into the world, and once you're off the World Wide Web, you can feel depression and anxiety … Read More

How To Get A Bigger Penis Size – 2 Ways To Gain Significant Size To Your Penis Without Surgery

Almost all men share the same desire to be bigger down in the manhood department to be better sexually. But not every man knows that it is perfectly possible for the male organ to still grow larger in size naturally. Today, it is a well-known scientific fact that any average man can easily get a larger penis size without having to resort to artificial means such as having it surgically enlarged!

The truth of the matter is, surgery has never been a good way to get a bigger-sized manhood. Not only is it painful and expensive, having surgery on your penis exposes you to more risks of sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction and impotency.

So what are the better ways of getting your penis to naturally grow again?

Here are the 2 best known ways to gain a generous amount of size to your manhood without any risk whatever: … Read More

A Tale of Search Engine Optimization

There are a lot of people on the internet everyday who do not understand how it works. To them, yes it is a network, a search engine that miraculously connects them to all the information they need, to social networking and media sites for their entertainment, for work. Yet beyond managing their email accounts and perhaps their Facebook or Twitter with regular updates and activities, they really do not understand the principles on which something like 'Chicago website design' for example would work as a keyword that starts off a meta search across multiple bases when put into the Google search box.

So how does it work? It is a tale that starts with some great innovators and IT guys who came up with search engines. These are systems that search the World Wide Web for any kind of information, images, video, audio or other kind of files, for web … Read More

Benefits Of Computer Antivirus Software

Installing computer antivirus software on your computer is important. It can be the life saver of your PC and the savior of your important files and data. Therefore you must make antivirus a priority when it comes to the things installed in your computer.

The most important reason behind having computer antivirus software is for the protection of your gadget. Viruses are invaders that can breakdown your computer’s operation. It could destroy all vital data and disturb the operating system making your computer worthless. Viruses cannot easily access the central processing unit of your PC when you have protection software against these viruses. CPU is the brain and heart of your computer that is why it is imperative to have a protection gear against unwanted attackers.

Second reason in having computer antivirus software is to protect you from hackers. Hackers are people or group of people who illegally penetrate personal … Read More