SEO – Brainstorming On What You Sell

Brainstorming is simply a way to help you come up with an idea for what to sell on a website. It is also a valuable skill when it comes to helping you decide what keywords should be the focus of your SEO copywriting including the all important first lines of your pages as well the context and out of context titles.

To brainstorm simply develop the habit of asking and answering the following questions whenever you feel stuck:

– What exactly is my product or service?

– Who exactly is my customer?

– Why does my customer buy my product or service?

– What is it my customer considers to be valuable about my product or service?

– What would I expect if I wanted to buy this product or service?

– What is it that makes my product or service superior to that of my competitors?

– Why, as … Read More

Four ways how SEO can help in a slow economy

It cannot be denied that there are bound to be slow times time for business, especially when market forces are not favoring the conditions that promote profitable market activity.

This is not surprising since there are a lot of factors that affect global economies such as inflation rates, currency fluctuations, international trading, and a whole lot more.

However, there are reasons not to downplay the capability of search engine optimization (SEO) to cushion the impacts of slow economic activity.

And things can even be promising for the SEO industry which can trickle down to any Sydney SEO agency in the process. Especially when the market sees the natural cycles of ups and downs in economies and the need to for the enhancement of marketing efforts have to double up to ensure market activity.

Double your marketing activity

While conventional wisdom dictates that minimizing costs during an economic slowdown may be Read More

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