Understanding Domain Registration and Website Hosting

When we think about hosting a website for our individual or business purpose, we have to think about two things; one is the domain name or website address, secondly; the web hosting service. Today's world, it has become a mandatory requirement to have your own domain name for your website. In order to connect people through internet, a name or a number has to be entered in your computer and this has to be a unique name or number so that computer can find it.

A domain name can be a single name or more parts and technically we can call them labels that are connecting different character strings and delimited by a dot such such as amitbhawani.com There can be different names ending with.com, .gov, .co, .edu, .in, etc. and all of them denotes different activities or functions such.com for commercial, .gov for government related sites, .edu for an … Read More

How to Choose Content for Your Website

Content may be king, but not all of it should be considered as royalty. Just as excellent content can attract traffic and facilitate conversions, bad material can run visitors away. If you've decided to outsource writing responsibilities for your website, how should you go about choosing articles that deliver results? Here are some guidelines for developing web content that can help your site succeed.

Does it look professional?

While the internet is famous for reducing phrases to bite-sized abbreviations, quality still matters online, especially when you're trying to convey a professional point. Frequent and glaring errors in grammar and spelling can quickly overshadow the merits of your information.

Is it well-organized?

Do not get too wrapped up in optimization trends that you forget who really matters: human readers. Search engine optimization trends will come and go, but most visitors will always want easy-to-follow writing that either helps them out or … Read More