Looking For A Basic Computer

You looking for a basic computer, a decent CPU, a decent hard Drive, and good Memory! My suggestion would be a AMD XP 2600 (or higher) 512 megs of ram (memory is cheap right now so save the upgrade cost by getting it now) 40 gig Hard Drive will do just fine.

If you planning to use any of your old software (anything Dos based) avoid XP as your operating system. However Microsoft XP is the best OS that Microsoft has made since Windows 98. So if your not using older software get XP Home or pro (If your office computers are networked get pro) if they are not networked get home)

I would suggest in your case that you avoid the brand name systems and find a local computer shop that has a good name! If you were in Pa I would do it myself however I don’t ship … Read More

4 Trends CNC Manufacturing Will See in 2018

Numerical controlled (NC) machines have been in use since their invention in the 1940s and 1950s by John T. Parsons. The first computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine was born when John Runyon used computer controls to produce punch tapes, sharply reducing the time required from 8 hours to a mere 15 minutes. In 1957, the United States Air Force and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) collaborated on a project to produce the first NC machine controlled entirely by computer.

Fast forward more than 60 years later and the concept of CNC machining has very few differences compared to its predecessor. Though CNC machining and manufacturing still produces three-dimensional directions of output — X axis, depth and Y axis — the scope of the process reaches far beyond what anyone could ever imagine. In fact, 2018 is sure to bring new strides in this versatile technique including the following trends:

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