How To Choose The Best New Hardware To Upgrade Your Computer

The computer you bought in the store is quite nice and it will perform simple functions and allow you to access the internet. It is much better than the old days of paper and pen. Just jump on the computer punch in your data and let the computer do the rest. But is there more? Yes, there is! There are many after market additions you can put on your computer to make it so high tech that it could fly the Star Ship Enterprise, okay maybe not but it will definitely work more efficiently.

You can be basic with the extra hardware you get for your computer. There are different chips with massive amounts of storage or chips that can accelerate the speed. The first thing people like to change is the sound cards. Downloading and listening to music on the computer is great, but if you do not have … Read More

SEO – 2 First Steps to SEO

Seo is of course search engine optimization, but it makes for a whole lot easier typing if I do not spell it out! But seriously, seo is pretty important.

Seo is one of the most important things you can do for traffic generation long term. You see, in the short term, seo is not really that important. When you are first getting started, you really need the direct traffic, and you need it fast. Seo can takes months to take effect, and sometimes it moves up and down. You are number one for weeks and then you fall out of place. It just happens – but when you have many pages and many sites it affects you less than when you first got started and you only have a few sites.

Seo is just really a long term strategy, but the changes take awhile to take place – so you … Read More