How To Really Profit from Domain Names

Have you heard about domain names that sold for over a
million dollars? Inspired by this, you imagine registering
a great domain name, hanging onto it for a while, and then
selling it off to become the next multi-millionaire. It
could happen, but don`t count on it!

First of all, many of the truly domain names are
already taken. Second, the dot com bust took some of the
wind out of inflated domain name prices. (If you sell your
domain name for millions of dollars worth of stock in a
publicly traded dot com flop, what is the name really

The cybersquatter buys domain names totally on speculation.
Sometimes he will register names of famous brands,
companies, or individuals. Time and again, these domain
name speculators learn the hard way that they must respect
intellectual property rights. They hope that some large
corporation will pay big bucks to them … Read More

The Impact of Marketing in the Society – Can We Really Make a Difference?


Marketing is generally thought of as the process of promoting goods and services to the end user. We can think of this as McDonald’s advertising its Big Mac in such a way that we feel that we really need one for lunch. This demonstrates the advertising piece of the marketing mix, and is the element that most people identify with marketing.

Society is generally defined as the condition in which members of a community live together for their mutual benefit. Societies are more than just the individual members that make up the group, but the sum of the collective. We are all members of a society, and interact with the other members in that community. So what is the impact of marketing in the society?

Negative Connotations of Marketing – They Made Me Do It

Ever since society passed from a Subsistence economy (I grow my own food, make … Read More

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