Libretto W100 Laptop Review

The all new Libretto W100 Laptop is a fantastic addition to Toshiba’s great range of laptops. It offers two 7 inch touchscreen monitors which are hinged in the middle. It allows easy navigation, as well as a virtual keyboard and a soft track pad that allows you to type, click and browse the way you want.

The Libretto W100 is extremely light, making even the lightest of laptops seem heavy. It is designed for easy carrying comfort as well as its amazing performance. It might be a handheld PC but never shrinks from the task in hand.

This ultra mobile PC is powered by Windows 7, giving it full multimedia capabilities as well as easy to follow and familiar navigation. This premium gadget is perfect for multi-tasking and comes with an energy efficient Intel Pentium Processor.

The Libretto W100 gives you complete wireless freedom allowing you to keep in touch … Read More