Search Engine Optimization – About On-Page Optimization to Attract Web Traffic

Many marketers or webmasters are too busy building inbound links to pay attention to some of the simple but effective SEO tactics. They are forgetting that on-page optimization are absolutely important in the overall SEO tactics. These are easy to implement and should be one of the first things any webmaster should perform with any new website.

Firstly, start off with your website Title Tag. This must be 64 characters or less in length. Any longer and it will be terminated abruptly or truncated and this will look very peculiar and strange in the search engine results.

The Title Tag of your website needs to tell people what your web page is about in such a way to entice web visitors to visit your site. It really should include a keyword or keyword phrase that is specific for the web page the Title Tag is on. Each and every web … Read More