Search Engine Marketing and Optimization – Know Your SEO From Your PPC

Online marketing has become a confusing place. With so many new buzz words, acronyms and old thinking around it can be hard to work out what and who to believe, and more importantly, where to invest your money.

A few questions any company with an online presence should be considering:

1. Are you getting enough traffic and are visitors responding the way you want them to?

2. Should you invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click campaigns or other strategies?

3. Is your website working hard enough to convert visitors into customers?

How should you split our budget between offline and online activity?

The best place to start is to really understand the performance of your current web strategy by analysing traffic, content and conversion rates. Then you can plan how offline promotions and marketing can crossover in an effective and streamlined manner.

Getting Quality Traffic – Direct it and … Read More

Hitachi UT42X902 Review

The Hitachi UT42X902 is one of the sleeker 1080p LCD televisions. At just 1.6 inches thick, it is certainly thin. The translucent frame on all four sides curves back to the edge. The Hitachi UT42X902 stand is fairly unique and is designed with a circular, donut-like base.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the UT42X902 is that you must supplement the very basic HDMI and PC inputs with which the UT42X902 comes equipped with a standalone AVC08U Audio Video Center for a couple hundred dollars more. Unfortunately, this purchase is necessary for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the desire to actually watch television programming. The Hitachi UT42X902’s remote is better than most and features back-lighting behind every key as well as a learning feature to control other devices.

The UT42X902 has quite a few picture controls in addition to many advanced controls including three types of noise. … Read More

Computer Graphics – Vertex Processing

Cartesian Coordinate System

In a Cartesian coordinate system there are three axes which are at right angles with each other. The three axes intersect at their origin. The three axes are generally defined as:

  1. X – axis to indicate a displacement in a positive direction to the right and a displacement in a negative direction to the left;
  2. Y – axis where a positive displacement is up and a displacement in a negative direction is down;
  3. Z – axis for a displacement in a positive direction is forward and a displacement in a negative direction is backwards.

We can represent a point in in 3 D space with the aid of a Cartesian coordinate system. This is done by writing the displacement of the point along each of the three axes in the following format (x, y, z). The x is the displacement along the x – axis, also known … Read More

How Viral Giveaway Bots for Social Media Help with Business Success

In this digital age, a lot of firms are trying to do everything they need to do to make sure that the information they are trying to convey to their target market goes viral. Among the options online marketers have, are giveaway bots, and it looks like it is doing an excellent job. What is this bot actually doing? Why are they exceptional? How can business owners use them to help their businesses succeed? These are just some questions we are going to answer in this article.

What is a giveaway bot?

This bot is specially designed and made to create a rewarding activity and randomly pick a winner. Options are chosen by the giveaway creator – the amount, rate, opportunities, and anything that is important to the campaign. Giveaway bots are being installed on different social media platforms.

Visit for more information about social media and its importance.… Read More

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Avoiding Inferior Internet Products

The reality is that many of the products on the internet are utter crap. I find this to be especially true in the field of internet marketing. Many people come to the internet and get captured by the idea of ​​making some extra money or even getting rich. They start to buy products and programs that not only make themselves no money they keep taking money from them.

It is not easy to identify inferior products in advance. Because almost all advertising puts the best possible face forward, one should always be skeptical and assume that the product will not deliver as well as promised. However, there comes a point where the hype becomes deception. In general I find deceptive programs and / or products fall into one of three categories. Just being aware of these categories can help you spot them.

1. The Empty Box: With these products you … Read More

Band Management Basics For Musicians

Someone once said that leading a group of people is like herding cats. In my experience, managing a band is like herding a thousand rabid and delirious cats. One has to worry about finances, promoting the band, booking shows, and managing the relationships between members. And that’s all before you consider the extra responsibilities of musicianship when the manager is ALSO a contributing member of the band.

Financial management is something that most indie bands forget about, yet it’s probably the single most important skill to have. Everything revolves around money; merchandise, payment from gigs, recording, etc. Having the right person to handle the money, even if it is not the main “band manager”, is paramount to the band’s long-term success. It would be a huge inconvenience to travel to an away gig and need to make an emergency purchase, only to find out the the band’s bank account is … Read More

How To Uninstall Babylon

The question and answer: How do I uninstall babylon completely from my computer? I have been one of many who have inadvertently downloaded Babylon onto my computer and even though I have uninstalled it from my programs list AND removed it from the Tools menu and Manage Add Ons, it still remained on my computer, whenever I selected a NEW TAB on Internet Explorer, there was the Babylon search engine.

I searched on the internet for hours for help on this and there were many people giving the above basic and simple suggestions, yet I had already tried these and clearly the problem was much deeper. The designers of this Babylon search engine, that is clearly a trojan virus or something like it, have caught onto people simply uninstalling it from their computer and have, like a real life viruses, morphed and built a resistance to this uninstall process.

I … Read More

Most Common SEO Mistakes

You've heard many people talk about search engine optimization and its importance in the visibility of your website. Well, it is vital to your website, but there are certain rules to follow and certain techniques that are important to avoid at all cost. Here we will discuss some of the most common mistakes made by so called SEO 'experts', companies claiming to specialize in SEO, and even your average web developer alike.

The first and probably the most common mistake is improper utilization of the title tag or ignoring it altogether. The title tag is the browser title that appears within your website. It is considered very important by search engines and is used to decipher the relevancy of your site. Therefore, ensure that you do have a title tag and also that it contains your most important keywords and not just a generalized term or your company name. If … Read More

How to Find Your Ideal Customer Using the Search Engines

In this article I am going to talk about how to find your ideal customers. Without customers who actually want what you are offering you will not make any sales. Therefore it is very important that you target your search for customers.

In order to identify your target customer you need to know what it is you can offer them. If you do not have any products to offer then you are unable to build up a picture of the individual that you should be targeting.

For example, if you have a product that you have created and it solves a particular problem then you know that you need to find people who want to solve that particular issue.

Using Search Engines

Using the Internet to target customers is very straightforward because all you need to do is to find the websites that your ideal customer is visiting.

Think about … Read More

Cost Reduction – Straight to Your Bottom Line

In any business focussing on cost, price and sales volume will dramatically improve cash flow and profit. There are a number of articles in this series on how to improve prices and sales volume but cost control is an ingoing internal matter that all your collections should be participating in.

Ask your accountant to create a spreadsheet of all your cost categories. Let's just pick three: IT, cleaning, raw materials.

Create a spreadsheet with the costs of each of these three for the last year displayed. Now involve your staff in some creative thinking about how each of them can reduce one of those categories by just 1%. Anyone can achieve a 1% improvement but if you asked them for a 10% improvement they would all say it is impossible. But a lot of 1% cost reductions rapidly add up to 10%. This is extra money straight onto your profit. … Read More

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