How to Measure SEO Effectiveness For Your Online Business

Measuring the effectiveness of your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts is critical in the success of your business. Only when you have the figures can you determine if your online marketing strategies are working or if there are some areas that need improvement and polishing.

However, finding out if your SEO decisions are effective is a little more complicated than you think, as it deals with a lot of tools and measurement strategies. But then again aiming for the top ranks on the major search engines such as Google will require you to master a wide array of tools and to be creative in your approach, including how you measure your performance.

There are four ways to measure success in SEO – indexation measurements, backlink measurements, rankings measurements, and traffic and revenue measurements. These four might be big words, but all of them are related and work in unison.

  • Indexation
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SEO Vs Social Media

Just a couple years back, the best marketing tool online is SEO. SEO is still powerful, but businesses are gradually realizing that social media marketing seem to be benefiting them more. The reasons for this lie in the major differences between SEO and social networking.

First of all, SEO is all about automation, whereas social media is all about conversations. The latter focuses on real, honest, and actual conversations. That’s something that cannot be automated. No amount of algorithms can measure the value and depth of real conversations.

Second, SEOs are one-sided, whereas social media marketing is not just about communicating and selling; it’s also about listening to consumers. And when you listen to consumers, you know what to respond. By responding, you also get to build trust between you and your consumers.

Third, social networking is all about sharing. The more you share, open up, and engage, the more … Read More