Cect N97

If you are a mobile phone enthusiast or a gadget critic, you are certainly familiar with the China based mobile phone manufacturer CECT (CEC Telecom Ltd) and how it has overrun the world with their mobile phone clones, spin-off phones from mainstream electronics and mobile phone industries like Nokia and Apple. The fact is, there is indeed a growing demand for their mobile phone clones than the demand for the original mobile phones, and this is because the company gives you a practical and a cheaper option for a mobile phone experience without compromising much of the quality and features of the mobile phone. Such is the case of CECT N97, the newest mobile phone by CECT so far, an affordable rip off from the Nokia N series – N97.

Nokia N97 was released in the US flagstore stores and all over the world last June 2009 but quite unexpectedly, … Read More