Rules of Netiquette – Tips for Communicating on the Internet

Netiquette is the short form of writing network etiquette or internet etiquette. Netiquette can simply be defined as the practice of good conduct or the acceptable way of communicating on the internet. It is a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction on the net. This kind of etiquette covers not only ways to maintain civility in online discussions, but also guidelines unique to the use of social media and emails. In a nut shell, netiquette is etiquette for the internet. Netiquette is the practice of good behaviors – being respectful and helpful, being disciplined and not aggressive, and being mindful of the fact that other internet users may not have the same view with you on some issues. This online code of conduct is very important because there is no body language or facial expression to help us understand another person, as there is in face to face meetings.… Read More

Maximize High Speed Internet Potential With These Tips

Most of us are dependent on our connection to the internet. Many use it for social media and news, some of us use it for work, and all of us use it entertainment. Therefore, it’s not only frustrating but can also be debilitating when previously high speed internet starts to falter. These tips will help assure efficient connections during all stages of the process, from set-up to troubleshooting.

1) Do in-depth research on company offers. There are many factors to consider when selecting the best plan, such as supported devices, users, and video streaming needs. An often overlooked concern is the size of a house. Larger houses with lots of walls or other obstructions will require a more powerful high speed internet service.

2) No matter how good the modem is a poor router can ruin everything. Invest in a good router with strong reviews in boosting ability and consistent … Read More

Finding The Right Work From Home Internet Business Opportunity

As the Internet grows and the amount of people using it so does the endless amount of online home business opportunities.

So how does one find the best work from home business opportunities on the Internet today? You could do a search for business opportunities or work from home business opportunities using your favorite search engine such as Google but chances are you will be more confused than when you started. Most web sites listed on Google, (Mine Included) offer a wide range of more than 1 type of work from home Internet business opportunity.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the different types of moneymaking opportunities on the Internet.


Affiliate programs can actually be categorized into smaller sub categories but most have products that they are trying to sell via a link that you must put on your own web site. There are exceptions to … Read More

Internet Marketing–Various Online Business Models

There are many different methods of making an online income. In reality, they are all very similar to the business models you see in the offline world. You can sell goods and services, you can produce products for wholesale distribution, you can sell information, you can sell tools to help people in their own business model, you can sell advertising, or you can provide consulting services.

Do you see a common theme in all of these models? That’s right—to have a viable business, you have to literally provide some kind of a good or service that adds value to someone or something, either online or offline.

I think that when people think about going into business offline, they look for a need in their community and try to fill it. Online, they tend to think, OK, what can I do to make a lot of money? There is a huge … Read More

Internet Marketing Running on Steroids!

Our goal is to build an Internet business second to none. Is that possible or maybe we need to work on new plans and get more focused if we’re going to bulk up like we’ve been hitting the steroid bottle or too many energy pills.

Anyway, as “they” say, there’s no free lunch and that does seem to be true at our house and I’m guessing yours too. Even with a few challenges we believe that GRATITUDE is our mainstay for living to enjoy the good life.

Internet Marketing and “possibilityTHINKING” go hand in hand. Nothing seems to offer the same or even a similar opportunity for us to build our own home business and turn it into a “cash cow” of huge returns. We like that option for you along with our entire mastermind team. I’m confident you agree and

we’re programed (focused) on making it happen.

Where’s the … Read More

The Difference Between a Podcast and an Internet Radio Show

Internet radio shows are just like traditional radio shows, transmitting either talk or music audio, only via the web instead of traditional airwaves. One of the biggest differences between internet radio shows and podcasts is this ability to transmit live audio. Broadcasting internet radio audio is called “webcasting” to differentiate it from traditional radio even further with etymology.

This technology is further separated from podcasting and is closer to traditional radio in the sense that the listener has no control over when or how they listen to the audio because it is continuously streaming, just like traditional radio. Listeners engage with online radio shows by typing or pasting the proper web address to summon the media player and you’re connected to their live show the moment you connect.

Time Commitment & Accessibility

Podcasts are downloadable audio files, a more “on demand” experience you have more control over as a listener. … Read More

Should Information Technologies and Internet Availability Make Work From Home the Norm?

Do you think with the skill set you have and the digital tools that are available to you, you can rather work from home other than going to office, working 9-5? How about there being a balance between the two? Can working from home gradually become the norm?

In my opinion if you are an IT person, there should be some flexibility in working 9-5 regularly at the office. The authorities involved should seriously give it a thought. Almost everybody nowadays owns a laptop and having internet availability and digital tools in hand, they can work anytime in the comfort of their home rather than following a strict 9-5 schedule.

Although working from home is the modern approach, many IT firms still make it a point to work regularly in the office. So I think there can be some balance between the two options. For instance, working from home thrice … Read More

What To Do In Case Of Internet Harassment?

As more and more people are using the Internet, harassment through the Internet has become a major problem. Things like cyberbullying and cyberstalking are rearing their ugly heads quite commonly. These threats should be taken seriously; otherwise they can affect a person’s wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

When a person is being harassed through the Internet, he/she should first evaluate the seriousness of the harassment. Many people can say hateful words or even slander another person due to the anonymity offered by the Internet. It could just be rudeness. On the other hand, hate speech or threat should never be ignored.

If you feel that you are being subjected to Internet harassment, make a record of all the comments and emails that you get from the harasser. If necessary, even make screenshots of the comments in forums and other webpages. Print out all the evidence, so that you have a … Read More

Subconscious Programming Through Hypnosis

Q: What is hypnosis?

A: Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and body. We experience it at least twice every day. In the morning as we are waking up and at night as we are falling asleep.

Q: Do you go to sleep in hypnosis?

A: No! In hypnosis you feel relaxation. To the outsider observing, you may appear asleep. However, you have complete control over your relaxed state. Your brain is in a hypnotic sleep. Whenever you desire, you can come out of hypnosis. You still hear everything and are aware of your surroundings.

Q: Does hypnosis control your mind?

A: Absolutely Not! This misinformation has been passed on through generations and dramatized for decades.

Q: Can you stay in hypnosis and not come out?

A: Absolutely Not! You can come out of this wonderful state of relaxed mind and body anytime you choose to.

Q: Can anyone … Read More

Basics and Criteria for Good Software Programming

A program is a set of instructions or commands to be executed by the computer to accomplish some task. A program involves code for solving a problem and also good documentation which would be a guideline to anyone who tries to understand the program.

An algorithm is a formula, a method, a recipe, a step by step procedure to be followed in order to obtain the solution to a problem.

Conversion of an algorithm to a program in a programming language following the syntax and semantics of that language is defined as a code.

Syntax is the correct method or grammar of writing a command or series of commands which are pre-defines by that particular programming language. Semantics is the logical meaning of a program or series of commands, separate from the grammatical structure. The computer detects syntax errors but does not detect logical errors.

What are the Criteria for Read More