Programming Power

Our brains can be programmed and re-programmed. As a persuader you can use programming to eliminate resistance and set forth the course of action.

Pacing and Leading

Pacing involves establishing rapport and making persuasive communication easier, while leading involves steering your prospects towards your point of view. Pacing and leading enable you to direct people's thoughts so they tend to move in your direction.

When you pace, you validate your prospects either verbally or nonverbally; that is, your prospects perceive you to be in agreement with them. Consequently, they feel comfortable with both you and the situation. Pacing entails using statements everyone accepts as true (ie, they can not be argued with). By eliminating disaggregation, resistance and defensiveness are low, placing you in a good position to begin leading. While everyone is in agreement, you gradually and incrementally introduce your stance's key points. This is how leading is different from … Read More

Free Internet Fax

What some consumers fail to consider when they see the words free Internet fax is that some of these services do not exactly come for free. There are hidden costs and charges that are not made obvious to the users; hence, as users, it is very important to carefully study the terms of contracts and the conditions of use to assure that you are truly getting free Internet fax access.

There are free Internet fax services that allow users to send faxes just by using web browsers or emails without having to install special software that solely caters to Internet fax needs and compatibility.

Using the Internet to search for free Internet fax services can be very rewarding. It is still important to study these sites prior to first use. The ability of free Internet fax servers may be limited in that they cannot send mail anywhere in the world, … Read More