How Digg Can Be Used For SEO

One of the newest places to submit articles that you have written is Digg. This is a huge social network which readers actually despise anything that looks like marketing. You probably will not last two minutes on this site, which has a "burial" feature that kicks overt displays of advertising right off the sight. However if you are very clever about the way you position yourself on Digg you can use it as a marketing tool to bring more visitors to your site and that may mean potential link partners and advertisers. If you are successful at posting writing on Digg then you will likely experience a ton of traffic being brought to your site.

Digg is all about user powered content. Everything is submitted and voted on by the digg community. After you submit content, other people read your submission and Digg what they like best. If your story … Read More

Using Social Technology to Harness Rivers of Information

While many associations are focusing on the use of social networking / media as a way to communicate with members, the most powerful benefit may be in learning to leverage social tools to build powerful rivers of information. Very few organizations have really institutionalized this powerful aspect of Web 2.0 interactivity-a shame because there is zero cost, and huge upside when done right.

We live in a knowledge economy, and a big part of the value that associations provide is the discovery, aggregation and distribution of information about an industry to group members. In a knowledge economy, smart people win, which also means smarter organizations have a better chance of prospering. We get smarter by improving the volume of knowledge we can jam into our brains. Accept that simple formula, then you will understand that the Internet and social tools now supply the most powerful way to feed the brain … Read More

SEO Or Keyword Advertising Experiment

Outside of the commercial real estate realm I own and operate a very niche market PDF publishing company which hosting provider, GoDaddy, recently provided me some free credits for Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. The credits consist of $ 25 towards Google AdWords and $ 50 towards Facebook Ads. My first thought was that the amounts were so low, they could not possibly provide any benefit, and since my PDF publishing has not been exactly profitable the last few months I did not want to increase any budget items for it.

However, the company I work at recently had inquiries to me to look into both of these ad services so I figured this might give me an opportunity to familiarize myself with these two products. So I began two campaigns on each site and tracked all of my results. I then shared these results with my companies Marketing Technology … Read More

Internet Marketing For Beginners – Make Huge Money on the Internet!

Required to make your website convert. If you are very new to the Internet these technical terms like conversion rates, click through rates and opt ins. Might sound a bit foreign to you. Especially if you are an average Internet newbie(someone new to the Internet) but to most seasoned Internet marketers this is everyday Internet terminology. Basically quite simply conversion rates mean the number of visitors that convert into something else on your website. The sales conversion rates would be the number of people who visited your website and bought your product. So if one hundred people visited your website, and two people bought your product your sales conversion rate would be 2 Per cent.

If you were advertising your product on Google at the bottom of the advertisement is the website link or URL as it is called. If your advertisement was shown on Google one hundred times. And … Read More

Getting More Traffic to Your Website or Blog

There is a very common question that anyone who has a website or a blog has and this has to do with getting more leads and even traffic. There are many options that are being offered today to get rock solid traffic, and sometimes you can even make money while you are at it.

Creating more value for the prospective target

This is a great question that you should ask yourself. Value can be defined as a resource. This could be an article, a video or even a blog that is aimed at solving problems. The prospects are people who are more likely to work with the business and even sell the products as well. You need to make the offers more attractive to the prospective customers to encourage them to buy.

If you have some capital

If you can, you should invest in the business. You could hire a … Read More

Basic Computer Troubleshooting Tips to Try on Your Own

Anybody with a computer knows that computers are unpredictable. Before we are forced to call in an expert, there are a few things we can try on our own to get that computer to behave. Assuming you are a home user, here are some Basic Computer Troubleshooting Tips To Try On Your Own. This article may not help you to solve today’s problem, but it should help you with the overall troubleshooting process.

Keep in mind that there are many types of problems. They can be hardware related, software related or even network related. The first step to solving a computer problem is to pay close attention to any messages that are displayed. It is surprising how many people close the message boxes without really reading them. This is an important key. Often, the message will indicate the source of the problem. Many times, software is the culprit to a … Read More

iPhone 4G – The Benefits of Free Product Testing

In this bizarre world there are a lot of people who do not grasp the chance to be a tester for Apple's latest products when they are released such as the iPhone 4G. The iPhone 4G is currently being given away FREE to willing testers.

Many people want to grab this sleek, feature packed phone but do not get the opportunity because the high price tag can be out of reach for some phone buyers or you may just be curious as to whether the iPhone 4G is the right phone for you . Now you have the chance to experience Apple's 4th generation phone at no cost and also help shape the development of future products.

You may hold the opinion that it's implausible to become a tester and that you would not receive a free Apple iPhone 4G just for testing it and giving your opinion on the … Read More

Attraction Marketing – Secrets of Search Engine Optimization For Better Online Lead Generation

Attraction marketing, by definition, includes identifying and drawing to you the people most qualified and likely to be interested in what you've got. There are dozens of ways to structure your marketing this way, and today we're going to talk about working with the search engines and 'optimizing' your approach online to reach these ideal prospects for free!

When people go online, it's either to shop, socialize, or most often to get information to solve a problem. In the case of your MLM prospect, it could have been a problem related to something your products can solve, or your business opportunity. Either way, your prospect is typing words and phrases into the search field that they think is mostly likely to return the results they're looking for. Here's where it gets really fun!

Let's just talk about Google, because a) it owns the online world pretty much and b) the … Read More

How to Increase Your PageRank And Increase Website Traffic

In order to attract free web traffic from the search engines, you need to know how to increase PageRank. Building PageRank is mostly about getting backlinks to your website. The more backlinks the higher your PageRank will be, and the more free, natural traffic your site will receive from Google and other search engines.

Search engines are relying on links placed on other websites, which point to your site, in order to decide which web pages to display on top when people make a query. The engines see a link to your website from another site as a vote for your site, so increasing the number of inbound links is how to increase PageRank.

However, it’s not the number of backlinks alone that counts when deciding your PageRank; the quality of the linking sites is important, as is the relevance of those sites, as well as contextual linking. The use … Read More

Internet Marketing Strategy Sample – The Best Way to an Online Marketing Massive Action Blueprint!

Where can you go to find a legitimate Internet Marketing Strategy sample? As most of us are keenly aware, it is hugely important that you have a specific plan of action in place that will allow you to move in a logical and productive direction towards your goals. So if you are looking for a really effective Internet Marketing Strategy sample then the following is a excellent template to help you create a clear and more helpful road map to quickly reach your online goals.

Internet Marketing Strategy Sample: A 3 Month Massive Action Plan to Get Your Online Marketing Up and Running Fast!

1. First Day- Internet Marketing School: My first and possibly most important suggestion for anyone trying to market online seriously, is that you get managed in a legitimate Online Marketing School and commit to taking all training sessions that you have available to you so that … Read More

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