Quibi’s shutdown will take place ‘on or about’ Dec. 1


Quibi’s streams will end “on or about” Dec. 1. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Quibi’s is closing up shop and now we have an idea of when the company will stop streaming its short, quick videos. In a customer support article posted Thursday, the company revealed that it expects to stop “streaming on or about December 1, 2020.” 

The company goes on the thank customers for “giving us an opportunity to entertain you,” referring all questions about the shutdown to its [email protected] email address. The post also acknowledges that the streaming service does not know where Quibi content will land after the service shuts down, directing people to follow #Quibi on Twitter for updates. 

The post comes a day after news broke that Quibi would be shutting down operations less than seven months after launch.

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Inside the campaign to ‘pizzagate’ Hunter Biden

Some of the same people who pushed a false conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton that first emerged in 2016 are now targeting Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, with similar falsehoods. Their online posts are garnering astronomical numbers of shares on social media.

The fantastical rumors, which NBC News is declining to repeat verbatim, echo specific plot points central to “pizzagate,” a viral disinformation campaign that predates QAnon but also falsely alleges a vast conspiracy of child abuse.

There is an important difference, however. The pizzagate-style rumors in 2016 were largely confined to far-right message boards like 4chan and parts of Reddit. But the Hunter Biden iteration of the same conspiracy theory took off last weekend with the help of speculation from conservative TV hosts and members of Congress. Their theorizing can be traced back to a new website that has been promoted by President Donald Trump and his surrogates.


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This app will tell you if the local McDonald’s ice cream machine is broken

McDonald's ice cream

Get the scoop on whether ice cream’s available at your local Mickey D’s.

Getty Images

We all know the heartbreak of wanting nothing more than a cheap ice cream cone from McDonald’s, only to find when we get there that the machine is apparently broken. Thankfully, people will never run out of reasons to build apps, and there’s now one called mcbroken that’ll tell you whether the machine at your local McDonald’s is working.

Rashiq Zahid built the web app by reverse-engineering the fast-food chain’s internal application programming interface, or API, he said in a Thursday tweet

“I’m currently placing an order worth $18,752 every minute at every mcdonald’s in the US to figure out which locations have a broken ice cream machine,” he wrote, later clarifying: “Mcdonald’s keeps track which locations have a

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GeekWire Summit: Treat teachers as ‘learning engineers,’ and other insights on future of education

Moderator Tyra Mariani, left, president of Schultz Family Foundation, leads a “Future of Education” panel discussion at the 2020 GeekWire Summit in Seattle with Dr. Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College; Diane Tavenner, co-founder and CEO of Summit Public Schools; and Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of DreamBox Learning. (GeekWire Photo)

Educators, policymakers, students and parents need to recognize the pandemic and remote learning as an impetus for meaningful change in schools, rather than a pause before returning to the way things have always been done.

That’s one takeaway from education professionals who offered a crash course on the “Future of Education” during a panel discussion at the GeekWire Summit on Thursday.

In addressing the drastically altered landscape of education from pre-K all the way through higher ed, Dr. Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College; Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of DreamBox Learning; and Diane Tavenner, co-founder and CEO of Summit Public

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Bible from A-Z: Software rewrites entire King James version alphabetically

Let’s start with the letter A. 

Sideline Collective

The Bible, one of the most influential books ever published, evokes powerful emotions. It’s shaped personal, communal and political beliefs and altered the course of literature and human history. Little about how it’s been interpreted can be called objective. 

So what happens when it’s handed over to software and reduced to raw, quantifiable data? 

A new project called Bible The rewrites the entire King James Bible alphabetically as part of a larger project reorganizing seminal books from A to Z to potentially offer new and hidden interpretations of the written word.

“This distills each text down to its lowest common denominator,” says Sideline Collective, the international team of designers, writers and programmers behind the project. “It highlights the importance people tend to place on the order of said words — and their meaning — and allows for new and interesting interpretations of

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Quibi’s failure comes back to its content, Katzenberg’s close control

  • Quibi, the mobile-video startup that raised $1.75 billion from backers like Alibaba Group, JPMorgan Chase, and Disney, is folding six months after debuting its subscription service.
  • The Jeffrey Katzenberg-founded startup said in a statement that its demise was likely caused by a combination of an idea that wasn’t strong enough and poor timing.
  • But Quibi’s failure ultimately comes back to a slate of content that did not break through with its target audience of 25- to 35-year-olds. 
  • That falls on Katzenberg, who insiders previously told Business Insider was hyper-involved in programming decisions, from greenlighting shows to ground-level decisions like casting and wardrobe.
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During a pandemic in which streaming viewership boomed, mobile-video service Quibi lasted only six months.

The Jeffrey Katzenberg-founded startup, which raised $1.75 billion in funding, said in a statement announcing its winding-down on Wednesday that its failure was likely caused by

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How to change the font size in Signal for your display and messages on a computer or mobile device

  • Signal, an encrypted messaging service, lets you change the font size of the app’s display and messages.
  • You can change your font size in Signal on the platform’s desktop, Android, and iPhone apps.
  • Adjusting the font size in the Signal app can reduce eye strain and is more user-friendly and accessible visually impaired persons.

Signal is the encrypted messaging app that’s available for desktop and mobile. For those who regularly send sensitive communications or just want a little extra security, the app is an increasingly popular option for texting.

As part of your Signal experience, you can customize the font size to better suit its readability. How you change the font size will depend on where you’re using the app.

Signal has in-app options for adjusting font size on Android phones, but when using your iPhone or the desktop app, you’ll have to change the font size through your device’s

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How to download HBO Max movies and shows onto your phone or tablet to watch when you’re without internet

a sign on the screen: It's easy to download shows and movies with HBO Max. Anadolu Agency/Shutterstock

© Anadolu Agency/Shutterstock
It’s easy to download shows and movies with HBO Max. Anadolu Agency/Shutterstock

  • You can download HBO Max titles onto your smartphone or tablet to watch later or when you’re offline.
  • To download a show or movie from HBO Max, tap “Download” on the show or movie’s details page.
  • You can find content you’ve downloaded in the HBO Max app by tapping the “Profile” icon and then going to the “Downloads” tab.
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If you subscribe to the latest iteration of HBO’s streaming service, HBO Max, you have access to everything in HBO’s usual catalog of programming, along with a wealth of shows and movies.


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And luckily, if you know you’re going to be somewhere without internet service later, you can download these shows and movies to your smartphone or tablet to watch offline. 

One thing to keep

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How Website Security Impacts SEO

The effectiveness of your website depends on a variety of factors. One of the top factors is how well you’ve optimized your site to appears in search.

Whatever industry you are in, the number of competitors in your industry who own websites is staggering. That means you have to really have a strong SEO strategy in place to compete.

When most people think about SEO, the first things that come to mind are keywords, links and content. But it goes deeper than that. One thing many people neglect is website security.

So, how does website security impact SEO performance? Let’s look first at the concept of site security.

Site security involves putting things in place to protect your site from cyberattacks, data breaches and other issues. It also applies to the efforts you have in place to create stability after malware and hackers attack.

Here’s a crazy stat for

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