Screenvision Media & ReachTV Announce Expansion Of Front + Center Everywhere To 90+ Airports Nationwide

NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Screenvision Media, a national leader in delivering comprehensive advertising representation services for top-tier theatrical exhibitors, sports venues and a robust OOH network, today announced that ReachTV, the in-airport entertainment platform, will add Screenvision’s Front + Center Everywhere to its lineup of original programming distributed at more than 90 U.S. airports. Front + Center Everywhere is now broadcast across 200,000 screens nationwide.

“As travel returns to pre-pandemic levels, working with ReachTV enables Screenvision to target the in-airport consumer with the entertaining programming from Front + Center Everywhere,” said Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, Screenvision Media. “Importantly, it enables Screenvision to offer our advertisers another highly covetable audience through our growing OOH network.”

Screenvision designed Front + Center Everywhere to engage the on-the-go and typically hard-to-reach consumer. Front + Center Everywhere has taken Screenvision’s pre-show model and adapted it for an experience beyond cinema. Along

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Computer eye strain: Symptoms, treatment, and exercises

Excessive screen time can lead to a condition called computer eye strain. This is sometimes known as computer vision syndrome, or digital eye strain. It occurs because our eyes have to work hard when viewing screens.

Many people spend long periods of time looking at their phones, tablets, computer monitors, and televisions. After all, modern jobs often require people to focus on screens for several hours per day.

On top of this, many people rely on digital media or TV to relax after work. Therefore, there is little respite for the eyes.

Keep reading to learn more about the main causes and symptoms of computer eye strain, as well as some exercises and treatment options for relieving it.

Viewing digital screens for long periods of time can make a person’s eyes work harder than usual. This can put the eyes under strain, which may lead to the development of vision

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Airbnb Chooses IPO Venue in Big Win for Nasdaq Over NYSE

(Bloomberg) — Airbnb Inc. has chosen to list its shares on the Nasdaq Global Select Market, its biggest initial public offering since Facebook Inc. in 2012.

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The home-rental company didn’t disclose any further details of its listing plans in a statement Tuesday.


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Nasdaq has a reputation for technology-focused stocks such as software and biotechnology, including high-profile IPOs such as those for Lyft Inc. and Zoom Video Communications Inc. Yet, since the fallout surrounding Facebook’s difficult debut, it has frequently lost the competition for mega IPOs to the New York Stock Exchange, including Uber’s $8.1 billion listing last year and Snowflake Inc.’s $3.86 billion offering.

A representative for Airbnb declined to comment beyond the statement.

Airbnb said in August that it had filed confidentially with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an IPO. The company will seek to raise as much as $3 billion in an

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A New Website Tracks Broken McFlurry Machines, Because We’ve All Been Heartbroken Before

McFlurries are delicious, but given the constant uncertainty about the state of any given McDonald’s location’s ice cream machine, heartbreak happens far too often. Enter: McBroken. Software engineer and absolute visionary Rashiq Zahid recently launched a website that continually tracks McDonald’s locations across the nation, updating users on whether the ice cream machine is up and running or not. So, for example, locations with broken machines are clearly marked with a red dot.

a sign on the side of a building: A New Website Tracks Broken McFlurry Machines, Because We've All Been Heartbroken Before

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A New Website Tracks Broken McFlurry Machines, Because We’ve All Been Heartbroken Before

“There must be something that can be done about this.”

Rashiq told The Verge he came up with the idea after being unable to order a McSundae from a McDonald’s in Berlin. “I was like, there must be something that can be done about this,” he said. He was able to reverse-engineer the website using the McDonald’s mobile app,

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How These Brands Are Making Traveling During COVID-19 Easier

The past few months have not been kind to the travel industry. For most of the pandemic things have looked quite glum, however there are a few glimmers of hope popping up on the horizon. The entire industry is working to innovate its way out of this mess and these three businesses have already made some progress towards enabling easier and safer travel for the trip that just cannot wait.  

Making Necessities Easier to Access – S/O/S

Travelers have a whole new list of necessities when they hit the road these days. From hand sanitizer to face masks, fast, convenient access to these things is key. S/O/S, a Boston-based startup with an all-female founder team, completed the first ever virtual TechStars program this year and launched its first few locations this summer. “S/O/S is committed to providing essential products exactly

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Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs’ prepared statements defend Section 230

The CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter released prepared remarks on Tuesday that warn against repealing Section 230, the statute that protects the social networks from liability for their users’ posts. The remarks were released in advance of Wednesday’s hearing with the Senate Commerce Committee.

The CEOs have been called in front of the committee because lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are concerned about how each company moderates, or sometimes fails to moderate, content posted by users.

The committee will examine Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a statute that has provided tech platforms immunity from legal liability for their users’ posts since the late 1990s. In recent years, as tech companies face more scrutiny over their content moderation practices and ad-driven business models, the law has attracted bipartisan criticism for its broad protections.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Undermining Section 230 will leave only the largest tech

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Shopify to Partner With TikTok on Channel for Merchants

Shopify  (SHOP) – Get Report and TikTok will partner in what the video-sharing app operator said will help more than 1 million merchants create and run campaigns on the short-video platform.

Shares of Ottawa-based Shopify, the e-commerce software-and-services provider, were climbing 4.42% to $1,084.45 on Tuesday.

Through the program, merchants can create campaigns, target audiences and track performance in one place. They will also be able to install or connect their TikTok Pixel with a click of a button.

The channel is now available in the U.S., and will become available in other North American markets, Europe and Southeast Asia in early 2021, TikTok said in a statement.

TikTok noted a recent study found that 88% of its users said they discover new content they enjoy while using the app, and about half said they discover new products through advertisements posted by a product or brand.

TikTok said

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Microsoft Rides Cloud To Higher Earnings

Microsoft on Tuesday said its profit in the recently ended quarter continued to soar as the pandemic boosted a trend toward business being taken care of in the internet cloud.

The US technology titan’s profit rose to $13.9 billion, up 30 percent from the same quarter last year, according to earnings figures.

Revenue in the quarter climbed 12 percent to $37.2 billion.

“Demand for our cloud offerings drove a strong start to the fiscal year,” said Microsoft chief financial officer Amy Hood.

Microsoft took in $15.2 billion in revenue from cloud computing offerings for businesses, up 31 percent from the same period last year, according to Hood.

Demand for software, services, and data storage hosted online at datacenters that had been steadily growing for years has rocketed during the pandemic as shopping, learning, work and more are tended to online due to the pandemic.

Businesses are under pressure to engage

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Syracuse University Offers Series of Election-Related Programming and Events Ahead of 2020 Vote

As the 2020 election nears, Syracuse University is holding a number of virtual events to discuss issues, promote dialogue and help students learn more about the election and its implications through the lens of disciplines, including media, law, public policy, economics and spirituality.

A full listing of Election 2020 events is available on the University Events Calendar.

Informal Dialogue Sessions

A series of informal dialogue sessions for students, sponsored by the Student Activism Engagement Team, Division of Enrollment and the Student Experience’s Cultural Centers, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, will be held on Oct. 28-29 and Nov. 1-6. Facilitated by students and staff, these dialogue sessions will provide students an opportunity to reflect on and learn more about their beliefs and those of their peers. Students will be encouraged to share their experiences, perspectives and thoughts on how the election will impact the future of the country.


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T-Mobile expands into live internet TV with new TVision streaming service

After years of anticipation, T-Mobile is finally getting into the live TV business with the launch of a new internet-based streaming service called TVision, launching on November 1st.

To be clear: TVision isn’t using the fiber-optic-based IPTV technology that it acquired alongside Layer3 back in 2017. It’s a traditional over-the-top streaming service that simply streams live television over the internet, just like YouTube TV, Hulu’s live TV service, Fubo TV, Sling TV, or (in perhaps the closest analogy) AT&T TV. But what sets TVision apart is its pricing, which aims to offer lower costs and more flexibility than its competitors.

Think of it as a T-Mobile’s take on YouTube TV or Sling


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To that end, TVision is broken up into a few different products. There’s the $40-per-month TVision Live, which offers the most traditional cable TV line. It’s focused largely on providing news and sports,

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