Admit Card Released on Official Website, Here’s How to Download

a group of people in uniform posing for a photo: AP Police Recruitment 2020

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AP Police Recruitment 2020

AP Police Scientific Assistant Recruitment 2020: The Andhra Pradesh State Level Police Recruitment Board (SLPRB) on Monday released the admit card for the AP Police Scientific Assistant Recruitment 2020 on the official website. Candidates who have applied for the Scientific Assistant post can download their admit cards from the website –

The AP Police exam will be held on December 6. The exam is being conducted for recruitment in the post of Scientific Assistant in Forensic Science Laboratory (Physical, Chemistry, and Biology/Serology).

A total of 9,207 applications were received out of which 1605 were for Scientific Assistant Physical, Scientific Assistant Chemistry, and Scientific Assistant Biology/Serology posts.

Here’s how to download the admit card:

Step 1: Visit the official website of AP Police –

Step 2: Click on the link – “Download the Hall Ticket for the Written

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Computer scientist and community builder

When Charlie Helms decided to major in computer science more than three years ago, he was excited for the possibilities ahead of him.

It seemed like the perfect major to combine his interests in science, math and business. It would even let him tap into his creative side.

Three years later, Helms knows he made the right choice. He’s interned with Cisco, networked with executives at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, and in January, he’ll start a full-time job as a program manager at Microsoft.

Helms will graduate from Carolina in December, completing his degree a semester early.

“I feel like in the past three years, I’ve done so much that I feel like I’ve gotten everything out of Carolina that I possibly could have,” said Helms, a native of Spring Lake, North Carolina. “From research, doing internships, to having really amazing friendships, to traveling abroad.”

Initially, though, he

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‘Call’: Park Shin-hye and Jun Jong-seo’s time travel slasher thriller reels you in with engaging premise

When ‘Call’, the Korean movie starring Park Shin-hye and Jun Jong-seo’s trailer had released, many had compared the film to the popular K-Drama ‘Signal’. Of course, we see how that is possible, considering a woman from the past and the present get connected by a call. However, ‘Call’ is beyond this time travel element and that is what makes the film as good as it is. From the first moment in, the opening grainy shot of a woman walking alone in the countryside, we are reeled in bit by bit. The film gives audiences time to settle in the kind of mood that our lead Seo-yeon (Shin-hye) is in before introducing us to Yeong-sook (Jeong-seo). 

We see how Seo-yeon has harbored hatred for her mother because she believed that her mother was the reason why her father had to die. It was her mother’s carelessness in not switching the stove

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Women victims of violence offered help from new Singapore website, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Women who need help dealing with sexual assault, family violence, workplace harassment or other types of violence can now turn to a new website.

The portal, dubbed Awareness, Connect, Take Precaution or A.C.T Against Violence, contains details on who victims can contact and where they can get help.

Launched by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) on Monday (Nov 30), it also contains information for women and concerned citizens about the types and cycle of violence.

At the launch event, Minister of State for Social and Family Development as well as Education Sun Xueling said: “The Government is determined to tackle the issue of family violence.

“This is why the Taskforce on Family Violence, comprising public agencies, the courts and community partners such as hospitals, family violence specialist centres, crisis shelters and family service centres, was set up earlier this year to create awareness of the issue,

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The Undoing Finale Has Divided the Internet

Warning:  Major spoilers ahead. Don’t watch unless you’ve seen the series finale of The Undoing. 

It seemed like the entire internet watched the series finale of HBO’s The Undoing on Sunday, November 29. For those unfamiliar with the show, it centers on a New York City therapist named Grace (Nicole Kidman), whose husband, Jonathan (Hugh Grant), is accused of murdering a woman named Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis). As the show unfolded, we learned Jonathan had an affair with Elena and was the father of her newborn baby. But he contested up and down that he was not her killer, despite his tangled relationship with her.

So, naturally, the internet jumped into theorizing mode to figure out who Elena’s killer really was. Did Grace actually know about the affair and murder Elena out of rage? Was it their young son, Henry (Noah Jupe), who hid the murder weapon in his

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20 SEO Mistakes That Will Devastate Your Rankings

SEO isn’t easy, and even the pros still make mistakes.

Unfortunately, those mistakes could cost you–big time. Considering that 67% of clicks go to just the first five results on a SERP, you’ll want to take this practice seriously — no ifs, and’s, or fluff about it.

In this article, I’m covering some of the top SEO mistakes and how you can fix them.

20 Biggest SEO Mistakes Hurting Your Rankings

1. You’re Forgetting to Make Your Page Accessible

According to a study conducted by Search Engine Journal, accessibility and indexation account for 21% of SEO errors, making accessibility one of the top SEO mistakes out there.

In an effort to be inclusive, you’ll want to prioritize features like alt text and eliminate features like iframes.

How to fix it: Add alt text to your images so vision-impaired people can figure out the stories that your pictures are telling. Prioritize accuracy above keyword density. While you’re at

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Puritix Announces 2020 Cyber Monday Amazon & Website Sale on New HEPA Air Purifiers

Cyber Monday is the biggest e-commerce sales day of the year in the US. Puritix is giving consumers what they are looking for by offering these deals early. Check Puritix’ website and on Amazon for all products and deals.

Puritix is a brand-new company that just launched its new line of air purifiers. Puritix is launching deals on all inventory in celebration of the new launch and the holiday season. Puritix Air Purifiers are built to give consumers cleaner air. Puritix Air Purifiers utilize HEPA air filters to clean everything from smoke, dander, allergens, dust, and more from the air. With fires raging across the US and allergy season around the corner, clean air is more important than ever. Air Purifiers can be used in the office and home to help customers breathe cleaner. A path to cleaner air can begin for as little as $79.99 this weekend.

About Puritix:

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Programming survey in final week | State & Region

Fayette County Parks and Recreation is peering ahead to a post-Covid-19 future. 

Through Nov. 30, the board is accepting responses for a survey related to planning and management for the future of the Fayette County Park in Beckwith and the Fayette County Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building in Fayetteville.

“We think it’s important to hear from the community, their thoughts about programming for both places,” said Renee Harper, park director.

The survey asks people to share memories they have of both facilities.

“The park and the memorial building are very nice assets that the county owns,” said Harper. “Some Fayette County residents feel a real connection, whether it be the park or the memorial building. We certainly feel it’s important to hear from the community going forward, ideas they have.

“Certainly we would encourage the public to (fill out the survey).” It is available at the following link:


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Opinion | American leadership could save what is left of the global Internet

Even in many open democratic societies, there is talk of “data sovereignty” and moves to clamp down on U.S. companies and the sharing of data. In Europe, regulators and courts have thrown into doubt the free flow of data between the European Union and the United States. Many other countries are actively working on plans to impose “data localization,” requiring citizens’ data to be stored domestically and placing significant limits on the flow of data across borders.

This desire for greater sovereignty is natural and understandable. Policymakers are grappling with legitimate concerns about the rules that govern content and the use of data at scale. They are also debating the proper size and power of global tech companies. Hovering above these issues is a fundamental question: What do we want the Internet to be?

This is where the Biden administration comes in. An opportunity exists for U.S. leadership to create

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TTD website servers crash minutes after release of special ‘darshan’ tickets

Sources said that the server had registered more than 1.5 lakh hits against its normal capacity of just 20,000 customer requests

The TTDs decision to provide Vaikunta Dwara darshanam for 10 days from December 25th has received an overwhelming response.

This was evident with the sudden crashing of TTDs server within minutes after the administration released the monthly quota of ₹300 special darshan tickets for December.

Sources said that the server had registered more than 1.5 lakh hits against its normal capacity of just 20,000 customer requests.

Though the server was restored by evening, devotees faced disappointment with the computers displaying a message that the on line quota of tickets from December 24 were not yet released.

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