This WordPress update might have caused your website to go berserk

The WordPress development team inadvertently caused chaos for a number of website owners after a planned series of updates went wrong. The update, WordPress 5.5.2, was meant to patch critical security issues but also made it impossible to install WordPress on new sites that did not have a database connection configured.

The WordPress team pressed pause on any more updates but didn’t factor in the auto-update feature, which subsequently pushed an alpha version of the platform to users. The alpha release introduced new themes and a spam protection plugin. Users who do not delete them will have to keep them updated to ensure they don’t one day pose a security risk.

“While work was being done to prepare for WordPress 5.5.3, the release team attempted to make 5.5.2 unavailable for download on to limit the spread of the issue noted in the section above, as the error only affected

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Xbox Platforms Getting Apple TV Alongside Series X/S Launches

The Xbox Series X, Series S, and PS5 are just a week away, which means a ton of new games and better performance for your existing library. But plenty of console owners also use their systems as an entertainment hub, and Microsoft has released more details on that aspect of the Xbox Series X and S as well.

In the announcement, Microsoft revealed that your existing streaming entertainment apps will make the trip to Xbox Series X and Series S when they launch. But they’ll be joined by one new addition, as the Apple TV app is finally coming to Xbox consoles on November 10. It will be on the new generation, as well as the Xbox One. This is in addition to your other entertainment apps like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

The blog goes on to promise enhanced dynamic range and fuller colors on

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This NYC museum is auctioning off real-life spy gadgets

If you’ve ever had dreams of being a secret agent, they’ve probably involved a lot of tricky little gadgets. From James Bond to Austin Powers, spies are synonymous in pop culture with their mind-blowing (and often logic-defying) high-tech tools. Well, it turns out that real spies did in fact use plenty of sneaky, hidden tricks to assist them with their lives of espionage. (And no, we’re not talking about the martinis.)

KGB Espionage Museum, a relatively new institution located in Chelsea, is now making an impressive array of those types of objects available to purchase via auction. The museum, which was forced to close due to the pandemic, is now putting its collection up for sale. 

lipstick gun
Photograph: Courtesy Julien’s Auctions

“Julien’s Auctions is proud to present the largest collection of rare and important artifacts from Cold War era history ever to be assembled at auction,” said Darren Julien, President/Chief Executive

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Tesla to Unveil Updated Cybertruck Design in ‘a Month or So’

Tesla  (TSLA) – Get Report Chief Executive Elon Musk said the company is will be unveiling its updated Cybertruck design in “a month or so.”

Shares of the Palo Alto, Calif., company at last check were up 2.3% to $397.08.

Musk tweeted on Sunday that the company would release images of the electric pickup’s updated design.

In September, Musk said the company had “well over half a million orders” for the pickup.

The Cybertruck is scheduled to be built at the company’s Austin Gigafactory, which is under construction.

“Tesla Texas team is making great progress! Giga Texas factory will be an asskicker,” Musk said via Twitter.

Asked whether the Cybertruck would be “an asskicker, too,” Musk replied, “Well, it’s basically a tank from the future that’s road-legal, so yeah.”

Musk took the wraps off the highly anticipated angular six-seater truck nearly a year ago. The truck has a

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What’s messing up my internet connection for Zoom meetings and other work?

Q: I have a refurbished HP laptop with Windows 10. We use CenturyLink for the DSL connection to the modem. We recently purchased a new modem from CenturyLink for better security.

Now, though, particularly when we’re using Zoom, a message pops up that says our internet connection is unstable, and often we lose our connection to the modem and the internet. There’s often a problem getting connected when we turn on the computer. It takes restarting the computer a couple of times before it connects. It occasionally happens as well on my desktop, which also has a Wi-Fi connection.

My question is whether the connection problems are due to a problem with the modem, the line from CenturyLink or the Wi-Fi card in the computer. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

— Henry Burton

A: You’ve singled out the three most likely culprits: the modem, the DSL connection,

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Here’s Why More People Are Boycotting Home Depot

Home Depot (HD) is under fire again with social media users calling for a boycott of the home improvement retailer after its co-founder said he was going to support President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

The backlash came after an opinion article appeared on Fox News from Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus explaining why he was supporting President Trump for a second term.

In the article, Marcus said, “President Trump has stared down COVID-19, the biggest threat this country has faced in at least a generation. If re-elected, he will quickly end this COVID nightmare and restart the American dream. Just look at Thursday’s record 33.1 percent GDP growth for the latest proof.

“Trump deserves a second term not despite his COVID-19 response, but because of it. While Democrats try to blame Trump for the roughly 220,000 disease victims, far more would have perished if Joe Biden were in

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Apple announces Apple Watch ECG coming to South Korea shortly

The Apple Watch ECG health feature will be made available to users in South Korea, as Apple prepares to release an updated iOS 14.2 and watchOS 7.1

Following its regulatory approval in August 2020, the ECG or electrocardiogram feature of Apple Watch will now be released in South Korea. It requires Apple Watch Series 4, or later, and also iOS 14.2 and watchOS 7.1, both of which are expected imminently.

“Apple Watch has helped countless people around the world, and we feel humbled that Apple Watch has become such an important part of our customers’ lives,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, in an Apple statement. “With the launch of [this] feature, Apple Watch is taking the leap to the next level, allowing people to have more information and more power about their health.”

As the Apple Watch’s ECG function is a medical one, many countries require Apple to

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The 6 Best Home Design Software of 2020

What Is Home Design Software?

Home design software is a type of program that allows you to create your own home designs without first having to study or take classes to become a home interior designer or an architect. Programs use an interface that allows you to “build” a house or room on your electronic device. You can then use the plans you have created to either help with your home renovation projects or export your ideas to an architect or builder who can make your dream into a reality.

DIYers can use home design software even if they have no design experience. Many software programs are extremely user friendly and do not require you to have actual knowledge of architecture or design. There are often tutorials to help you out if needed, but a lot of the ones we reviewed allowed you to jump straight in and get started.

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Watch: Chris Evans on Starting Point website: ‘Everybody thought it was a joke’

Oct. 30 (UPI) — Chris Evans appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed the struggles of starting his political website, A Starting Point, which offers bipartisan information on a number of issues.

The website promotes civic engagement and offers interviews with elected officials from both parties. Evans said on Thursday that getting elected officials to participate in A Starting Point was hard at first.

“Initially everybody thought it was a joke. I don’t know what I thought. I think foolishly I just thought this is such a great idea, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this, you know. I thought the problem was going to be turning people away. Nobody responded, everybody thought it was a joke, everybody thought we were somehow trying to prank them” the Captain America star said.

Evans, after emails and videos didn’t work to convince politicians to participate, traveled to Washington, D.C., to

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. becomes executive director of iRacing

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. is now the executive director of iRacing, the Chelmsford-based simulated racing platform viewed as an integral part of NASCAR’s growth strategy.

Th 46-year-old Earnhardt, who twice won both the Daytona 500 and the Xfinity Series championships, is in the NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2022. Earnhardt said he began iRacing since its start in 2004 and that he now wants to take part in its operations.

“Realizing iRacing’s potential early, its success has always been important to me,” said Earnhardt in a release.

His duties will include partner and community relations, user experience, development of the platform’s stock car offerings, marketing, partnerships, and licensing.

“Whether it was connecting iRacing with NASCAR in 2008, making other partner introductions, developing content, laser-mapping race cars, Beta testing new technology,” Earnhardt said, “it has been a privilege to be a small part of iRacing’s expansion. Even more, it

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